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Managing a Tougher PRC Market Following the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress
Oct 17, 2017 (12.00 - 1.45pm)
The American Chamber of Commerce in HK
1904 Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong

Steve Vickers will outline how the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress will entrench a tougher business environment in China, exemplified by continuing anti-corruption efforts and the extension of government reach into the private sector. 

Regulatory measures challenging businesses (such as action in the insurance sector) may ease after the Congress, as the need for stability wanes – but will not dissipate altogether. 

The Congress may also intensify strategic qualms about the One Belt, One Road initiative, which could lead to closer scrutiny of Chinese investments elsewhere. Nonetheless, opportunities still abound, meaning businesses must respond to these risks, or miss out.

  • Steve Vickers, CEO, Steve Vickers & Associates Limited
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Cultural Factors Affecting Chinese Outbound Investments
Nov 8, 2017 (8.00 - 9.30am)
The American Chamber of Commerce in HK
1904 Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong

After receiving billions in Foreign Direct Investments into China, Chinese companies have begun pursuing overseas investments in earnest. But despite decades of reform and stiff domestic competition, Chinese companies that have made outbound investments have not shown the kind of success as their foreign competitors have in China. In fact, many overseas investments have failed. There are many reasons why and culture is a major one that is rarely discussed.

With experience living and managing in cross-cultural environments, speaker Wei Yen will attempt to dive into the cultural basis of Chinese management behaviors, where they have succeeded and why they have failed. The talk will include a brief discussion of Western and Chinese philosophies, management practices and case studies.

  • Wei Yen, Author and Retired Financial Executive
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The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
1904 Bank of America Tower
12 Harcourt Road
Central, Hong Kong
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