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Executive Thought Leadership Forum and Open Discussion

"Mastering the Next Technological Revolution": An Anthropological Approach to AI in Business Leadership"


Kasara Weinrich MBA, Human Centered AI PhD, Principal Consultant, Future of Work

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), C-suite executives are at the helm of navigating through uncharted territories of digital transformation. Join us for a compelling session that merges the insights of anthropology with the strategic application of AI across business practices. This unique convergence will equip leaders with the tools to understand and leverage AI not just as a technological tool, but as a catalyst for cultural transformation within their organizations and the broader market.

This executive session delves deep into how AI is reshaping the fabric of business operations, customer interactions, and competitive strategies. Through an anthropological lens, executives will explore the human-centric aspects of AI adoption, uncovering insights into consumer behavior, employee engagement, and the ethical dimensions of technology use.

With CHROs and CIOs at the forefront of rapid technological innovations, they have unique opportunity to transform both the nature of work and how it is performed within your organization. This immersive session will equip you with the insights, strategies, and hands-on experiences needed to lead this revolution effectively.

Join Kasara Weinrich, Human-Centered AI PhD student and Director of Sales Technology, AI Solutions @ ADP, as she delves into three critical areas:

  • Assessing Organizational Readiness: Go beyond surface-level assessments and learn how to conduct a deep cultural evaluation. Gain practical strategies to boost data literacy and foster a future-ready workforce that embraces technological change.
  • Selecting the Right Vendors and Partners: Receive expert guidance on choosing vendors and partners in the AI era that align with your organizational needs, values, and ethical principles. Uncover technological criteria, such as data quality and model excellence, and cultural fit considerations.
  • Reimagining the Future Workforce: Apply human-centered insights to design a workforce that seamlessly integrates technology with human skills and cultural strengths.


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