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Customer Experience encompasses everything the customer touches, hears, handles, or sees as they interact with a product or service. It overlays important elements such as user experience, sales process and after-sales service support from the perspective of the customer. Optimising your customer experience for your shoppers can lead to satisfied customers, and allow you to stand out from the competition !

Join us in this webinar where Dr Ng Lee Keng, Associate Professor from Singapore Institute of Technology, will share what Customer Experience means for your retail business and what are the important considerations leading to customer satisfaction and retention. What's more, SRA Members can participate in a Complimentary Mystery Shopping Project offered by SIT !

Webinar Highlights:

  • Customer Experience and its importance for the success of your retail business
  • How you can obtain an objective view of the service your employees are providing to your customers?
  • How to identify areas of improvements and turning those weaknesses into strengths?
  • How you can participate in the complimentary mystery shopping project to be conducted by SIT students *Exclusive for SRA members!
  • How to optimise the mystery shopping audit findings to provide better customer service for your shoppers?


  • Dr Ng Lee Keng (Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology)

    Dr Ng Lee Keng

    Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology

    Dr Ng Lee Keng has 5 university degrees in subject areas such as Philosophy, Management Research & Business Administration.

    She has received 7 teaching excellence awards at 2 educational institutions. She has been an external examiner for 2 polytechnics' diploma programmes.

    Prior to joining the academia, she was a Director at a statutory board. She has more than 20 years of work experience in diverse service roles and management positions such as healthcare, airline, hotel and education.

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