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Building Future Organisations

One thing is for certain: work life as we know it will never be same. Everybody has heard of how digitalisation and globalisation will change the concept of work. The new generations of youngsters entering the work force in the coming years will force us to redefine the fundament of our business: our organisation. An organisation is much more than its structure. Traditionally seen an organisation its a complex living organism where people from a multitude of different backgrounds try to get along while somehow achieving common goals through actions that justify their wages. With the next generation of organisations this is nowhere near enough. Some say we have to be able to offer work with a purpose. A compelling brand and culture. A balance between work and real life. Visionary leadership built on trust, co-creation and autonomy. To a certain degree this is probably true. But, few of us have had the opportunity to really ponder: how does our future organisation look like, what do we need to change and, more than anything, how do we do it?

In this interactive presentation we will together try to identify the perspectives on the building blocks of future organisations, accelerators and inhibitors of change as well as key actions for starting building the future already today. We will:

§ Discuss the 5 most important questions to ask in your business

§ Show a concrete framework for managing digital leadership in a proactive way

§ Share pratical examples of successful digital leadership cases used by companies

§ Learn how to leverage digital leadership in creating profitability pockets

**All bookings not cancelled prior to 48 hours before the event and no-shows will be charged 100%**