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Stories are not just for children. They are more powerful than we realize. The narratives that we tell ourselves can shape our lives and the stories we tell one another will shape our world.

The Hero's Journey is a story-telling framework that has deep roots in psychology. Our biggest movies and books (eg. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, etc) are all based on the Hero's Journey. But more than that, our individual lives can also be framed as A Hero's Journey. But sadly, too many of us are mired in mindsets that casts ourselves as victims. And as a result, we lose our sense control and even hope.

Check out this short video on the Hero's Journey :


Join us on 23 Jul 10am where Azure Lee from "3 of Us" will help us understand the Hero's Journey framework and more importantly how it can be a powerful tool to help us reframe our caregiver's experience.

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