Event Details

On a rolling basis, AAIS offers seminars and webinars on business, markets, technologies and industry practices. Recent examples include the seminar on 'Understanding Procedural Drift' and webinar on 'eVTOLs: A Revolution in Aerial Mobility?'. These are open for members to register and participate in. As and when these seminars are confirmed, they will be posted here for your sign-up.

Seminars held in FY2022/23 include:

  • Aerospace Technologies for the Future
  • ASEAN Air Transport Sustainability Forum
  • Aviation Safety: In conversation with CAAS and Aerospace Leaders
  • Asia Pacific Aerospace Quality Group Supplier Forum
  • Urban Air Mobility Roundtable
  • SAQG Workshop: Changes in EASA Part 145
  • The EASA Artificial Intelligence Roadmap: towards AI trustworthiness
  • Industry Preview of Aerospace ITM 2025 by EDB
  • Briefing by CAAS & SATS: Developing a Sustainable Air Hub in Singapore
  • Advancing WSH: New Code of Practice + Data-Driven Risk-Based Approach