Demystifying Intangible Assets for Investors

A pragmatic approach is required to demystify intangible assets from a business perspective, whilst simultaneously understanding both sides of the investor/founder dynamic.


Intangible assets make up over 90% of the value of a business – more so for start-ups. Yet, these assets can be difficult to recognise and their relevance (or not) to an investible enterprise is often not appreciated. Founders generally do not showcase their intangibles well, and investors can be reluctant to make the effort to understand them. Yet, intangibles (or intellectual property) can be a tipping point around purchase and investment decisions.

This session will:

  • Aid investors in quickly identifying what intangible assets give businesses competitive edge, whether internal systems, data, technological advances, design features, or brand.
  • Explain the best protection and exploitation mechanisms that can secure the advantages given by those competitive edges.
  • Provide inspirational, real-life examples of successful IP savvy businesses.

About Kate Wilson and James & Wells

Kate Wilson knows IP and investment. She is an internationally recognised IP strategist, patent attorney, inductee in NZ's Women Entrepreneur's Hall of Fame, company director, IP portfolio manager, business owner, physicist, foundation partner of IP firm James & Wells, IP thought leader, and educator. She currently consults to James & Wells.

Since 1979, James & Wells has been at the forefront of innovation in Australasia. Their depth of experience ranges from managing large IP portfolios for international corporations, right through to protecting the ideas of start-ups, and everything in between.

Join us on Tuesday 25 June from 10am - 11am for this session. Members are $25 + GST, non-members are $50 + GST.


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