The Fourth industrial revolution has dramatically changed how we live, learn, communicate and how we even buy. Smart technologies including big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet of things currently causing disruptions in various sectors. It cannot be stressed enough that we need to empower the youth not only to participate but to lead in these rapidly emerging economies.

Maths has long been identified as a gateway into a broad variety of career paths.

Fields of accountancy, computer sciences, statistical sciences, engineering and many more requiring adequate proficiencies for tertiary admission. With as many as 46,2% of matriculants failing to reach the 30% required matric pass rate in 2020, there have been millions of Thembi's and Themba's that have been unable to get admitted to these professions owing regrettably to low maths marks.

As ABASA, an institution that is advocating to increasing the number of professionals in the chartered accountancy and accountancy stream we have a heartfelt mission at partnering up with individuals and organizations that play a part in improving the quality of education for our young people.



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