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Tuesday, October 6, 2020 (7:30 AM - 7 PM) (GMT-7)

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Connecting with people has always been a key part of the Workshops at Bonny Doon, and we hope to recreate that dimension in this virtual version of our Workshop. 

During the Workshop we have scheduled three breaks and one post-Workshop virtual reception. We will be making available Gather, an online networking platform, to permit attendees to mingle and talk to each other by video. We will soon be sending a link to Gather to all registered attendees to try out and it will be accessible via your web browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended). Gather has several cool capabilities which we would like to highlight. 

When you enter Gather you will find that we have designed a virtual meeting space consisting of a Main Hall and two side rooms: a Featured Startups Room and a Panelist Investors Room. You will be assigned a personal icon which you can move around in these spaces using the keyboard arrows (old school!). 

You can find another person by searching that person's name, and then chat with that person. Or you can use a feature to draw a physical line between you and that person so you can walk to that person. 

When your icon is close to another person's icon you will automatically be able to speak by video, much like in an in-person environment. You can adjust the radius within which this feature is turned on.   Be aware: video groups of more than five or so to get a little awkward / unmanageable. If you don't see someone you might have to scroll over the videos. Groups of more than 10 are difficult for the program to handle and may result in all videos dropping out.

Each room will also have private meeting areas consisting of several chairs of a particular color. If you sit in one of these areas you can have a private conversation with anyone else who is sitting in those same colored chairs which no one else can listen in on.

We will be setting up virtual tables for each of the Featured Startups, the Investor Panelists and the Sponsor (Sidley) in the two side rooms, which are intended to make it easy for others to find and connect with you. On the table the host can place a website link and one collateral document for people to see. You can be present at those tables at any time during the Workshop, even during the presentations. We will be sending table hosts an email with further instructions. 

The main event presentations will occur on a Zoom Webinar. To go from Gather back to Zoom, you will be able to either use the Zoom link we provide you, or you can go from the Main Hall into another room, the Presentation Stage room, and there you will find a link to the Zoom webinar.  

If you have technical difficulties:

-    Refreshing the page will fix most things..

-    If that doesn't work, try muting and unmuting your mic and camera in Gather.

We encourage all attendees to check out Gather a couple of days before our Workshop, since time will be limited to figure things out during the breaks.