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Welcome remarks and introductions
Decommoditization in the Ag and Food Value Chain
Max CleggCamille BamfordGil ShalevSeana Day
  • Max Clegg (Head of LDC Innovations at Louis Dreyfus Company Innovations)

    Max Clegg

    Head of LDC Innovations at Louis Dreyfus Company Innovations
  • Camille Bamford (Sr. Director of Sales and BD at Plenty)

    Camille Bamford

    Sr. Director of Sales and BD at Plenty
  • Gil Shalev (Founder & CEO of Equinom)

    Gil Shalev

    Founder & CEO of Equinom
  • Seana Day (Venture Partner at Better Food Ventures)

    Seana Day

    Venture Partner at Better Food Ventures
Startup Demos and Q&A: Clarifruit
Elad Mardix
  • Elad Mardix (CEO and Co-founder of Clarifruit)

    Elad Mardix

    CEO and Co-founder of Clarifruit

    Elad is the CEO and Co-founder of Clarifruit, the world’s first AI-powered Quality Control (QC) software for the Fresh Produce industry.

    Previously, Elad had a distinguished career working for J.P. Morgan in both New York and Hong Kong, where he ran J.P. Morgan’s Asia Technology banking franchise. As a senior tech banker, Elad had the privilege of partnering with some of the world’s most brilliant tech entrepreneurs. Elad holds a BA in Economics & Accounting from Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and an MBA from Darden school, University of Virginia, USA.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Relocalize
Wayne McIntyre
  • Wayne McIntyre (Co-founder and CEO of RELOCALIZE)

    Wayne McIntyre

    Co-founder and CEO of RELOCALIZE

    Wayne McIntyre is the co-founder and CEO of Relocalize, a company working to decarbonize packaged food.
    At Relocalize, he leads a team of food innovators and robotics engineers building the first fully autonomous distributed manufacturing platform for food. The company makes food more sustainable and affordable by hyper-localizing food production, transformation, packaging and material handling processes.
    Prior to founding Relocalize, Wayne led commercial transformation projects for both public and private clients in software, biotechnology and aerospace, helping executive leaders to design new business models and commercial organizations to accelerate growth. He also held executive leadership positions at technology companies, including P&L leadership roles as CEO of Pskler (CRM technology company) and Managing Director at CAE Flightscape.
    Wayne started his career in law and corporate development, and is a Massachusetts and Ontario qualified lawyer.
    When he’s not pursuing his mission to localize food, you can find Wayne in his canoe or on the trail in Canada.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Corigin
Mike Woelk
  • Mike Woelk (CEO & Co-Founder of Corigin)

    Mike Woelk

    CEO & Co-Founder of Corigin

    Mike serves as CEO and co-founder of Corigin Solutions, a startup that converts low value farm wastes into high value organic products that help farmers regenerate profits, soils and the planet.
    Before founding Corigin, Mike was the CEO of Picarro, Inc., a startup that revolutionized the way researchers study carbon, water, and nitrogen cycles through scientific measurements. In this capacity, he guided the venture capital backed technology company through the global financial collapse into the world’s #1 producer of high precision instruments for greenhouse gas and ecological measurements two years later. He then refocused the company into to a cloud-based, managed services model that transformed environmental compliance and asset integrity management processes for natural gas utilities.
    Before being recruited to lead Picarro, Mike served as a senior executive and Vice President Global Marketing and Business Development at Varian, Inc., a $1B public diversified scientific instrument company. Mike founded his first startup, Metachem Technologies, in 1991 which was acquired by Varian in 2000. Metachem was a manufacturer of consumables and instruments for pharmaceutical and chemical research.
    Mike is a TEDx speaker and has been recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in Davos, IHS-Cera Energy Innovation Pioneer and a CNBC Disruptor.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Chi Botanic
Jennifer GogginJonathan Meuser
  • Jennifer Goggin (Chi Botanic)

    Jennifer Goggin

    Chi Botanic

    Building on deep experience in the food ecosystem, Goggin is currently co-leading the development of novel nutritional ingredients from Chi Botanic’s Plant Cell Foundry platform. Since 2018, Goggin and her company, Startle Innovation, partners with researchers in the food tech space to help grow impactful companies. After earning a degree from Columbia University and 2 years as an Analyst with JP Morgan, Goggin found her true passion reinventing the food system. Prior to Startle, she founded 2 successful food tech ventures leveraging technology to promote local foods and the farmers growing it: FarmersWeb (still operating nationwide) and Pippin Foods (acquired). More recently, Googin has served as advisor and mentor to numerous other start-ups in the industry, ranging from supply chain logistics to waste transformation platforms — finding, identifying, and creating otherwise elusive business connections and collaborations. With a career built around the local foods movement, Goggin is the perfect partner to work with Chi Botanic to realize the dream to grow anything local.

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  • Jonathan Meuser (CEO and Co-founder of Chi Botanic)

    Jonathan Meuser

    CEO and Co-founder of Chi Botanic

    Dr. Jonathan Meuser is CEO and co-founder of Chi Botanic Inc. Meuser is a classically-trained plant biologist turned biotechnologist with over two decades in R&D and a lifetime promoting environmental protection. Meuser recognized climate change as a planetary threat as a young boy. As a result, he dedicated his life to the advancement of ecological sustainability through the search for alternatives to destructive means of production. Meuser was an early contributor to the grass roots biodiesel movement and for many years took a multidisciplinary approach to advanced biofuels research combining biological and engineering approaches, including leading-edge high-throughput technologies for organism engineering. The years of biofuels research funded by respected federal institutions like the DOE, NASA, DARPA, AFOSR and private companies Conocophillips and Exxon Mobil reinforced two important lessons. First, biofuels are technically feasible. Second, however, only when tech is both environmentally-sustainable and economically-sustainable can it rapidly supplant the status quo. With this in mind, in 2017 Meuser co-founded Chi Botanic to apply his training in modern biotechnological methods to engineering plant cell cultures so that in the near future many plant products could be grown more efficiently, more sustainably, and more cost-effectively than they are today.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Naio Robotic
Ingrid Sarlandie
  • Ingrid Sarlandie (COO at Naio Technologies)

    Ingrid Sarlandie

    COO at Naio Technologies

    Passionate about innovation & entrepreneurship towards sustainability, Ingrid is the COO at Naio Technologies. After graduating as a mechanical engineer from one of the top engineering schools in France and the University of Auckland, Ingrid started her career as a R&D engineer in the automotive industry working on cutting edge technologies for electric & hybrid vehicles. She then joined a major management consulting firm to develop their innovation management activity before joining a VC firm. She decided to join Naio Technologies convinced that bringing autonomy and accuracy to any farmers in the world is the solution to have a global, secure, and sustainable food production system.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Shiru
Jasmin Hume
  • Jasmin Hume (Founder and CEO of Shiru)

    Jasmin Hume

    Founder and CEO of Shiru

    Dr. Jasmin Hume is the Founder and CEO of Shiru, a biotechnology company addressing a critical need in the food industry by providing access to more sustainable and healthy ingredients. Jasmin is an expert in proteins, leveraging deep biochemistry, materials science, and food science knowledge to bring transformative, sustainable foods from concept to reality. In addition to her work as CEO and Founder of Shiru, she is a 2019 graduate of Y Combinator, former Director of Food Chemistry at JUST, and a former summer associate for VC firm Lux Capital. Jasmin holds a doctorate in protein engineering from NYU, an MSc from Chalmers University, and a BEng from McGill University.

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Break30 Minutes
Startup Demos and Q&A: Provision Analytics
Tricia HolstErik Westblom
  • Tricia Holst (Head of Product at Provision)

    Tricia Holst

    Head of Product at Provision

    Tricia brings over 17 years of experience in the software industry. Her experience spans B2B and consumer SaaS products, with titans like IHS Markit, Geddy Images and Benevity. She is passionate about building software that solves key customer problems, listening deeply to customer feedback and ensuring that the products delivered are intuitive and simple to use.

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  • Erik Westblom (CEO and Co-founder of Provision)

    Erik Westblom

    CEO and Co-founder of Provision

    Erik founded Provision in 2018 in Copenhagen under the mentorship of food transport titan, Maersk after a 18 year career in software and finance. Provision brings together his farm roots in agriculture, his love for food and his desire to drive trust in our food chain. Erik has managed international teams in executing client roll-outs > $10mm, and has contributed to tech successes like 3esi and Cortex, executing deals worth more than $40 million.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Cirona Labs
Hunter Friedland
  • Hunter Friedland (Founder and CEO of Cirona Labs)

    Hunter Friedland

    Founder and CEO of Cirona Labs

    Hunter is the founder and CEO of Cirona Labs, which he started while he was studying at Cornell University. After conducting a study of hemp farmers in New York in conjunction with the National Science Foundation (NSF I Corps), he saw an opportunity to develop a higher standard for cannabinoid ingredients. Since then, he has assembled a world-class team of top scientists and CPG experts, and has successfully secured initial fundraising rounds to ensure Cirona Labs is set up for long-term growth.
    Hunter is a passionate entrepreneur who founded a technology startup in his early Cornell days. His network in the hemp and cannabis space is only growing, as he recently assumed a committee chair position on the New York Hemp & Cannabis Growers Association.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Puna Bio
Elisa BertiniFranco Martinez Levis
  • Elisa Bertini (CSO at Puna Bio)

    Elisa Bertini

    CSO at Puna Bio

    Elisa holds a biotechnology degree and a PhD. in Biochemistry. She specializes in soil microbiology, earth, and conservation, and currently leads Science at Puna Bio. She has spent 4 months in Antarctica researching extremophiles and has spent the last 5 years researching extremophiles from the Puna, the highest and driest desert on Earth. Trained in microbiological techniques at I2BC in Paris, France, she has published several R&D studies in prestigious journals around the world. Her expertise in microorganism behavior in harsh and challenging environments is a key asset for PunaBio and its R&D platform.

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  • Franco Martinez Levis (CEO & Co-Founder of Puna Bio)

    Franco Martinez Levis

    CEO & Co-Founder of Puna Bio

    Franco holds a degree in Economics from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, and an MBA/MA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
    Having worked for McKinsey & Company in Operations and Digital implementations across Argentina, Chile, Brasil, and Perú, he formerly founded and was CEO of a restaurant software startup that won several international prizes. He has led Puna Bio's strategy, fundraising, and business development since its inception in 2020.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Nulixir
Alyssa FelschEhsan Moaseri
  • Alyssa Felsch (Project Manager at Nulixir)

    Alyssa Felsch

    Project Manager at Nulixir

    With more than 10 years of experience in team/project management, Alyssa leads the strategic implementation and cross-functional project execution of both R&D and sales departments.

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  • Ehsan Moaseri (Founder & CEO of Nulixir)

    Ehsan Moaseri

    Founder & CEO of Nulixir

    Ehsan is a seasoned management consultant and a clinical scientist with more than a decade experience in leading research groups, spanning from cancer therapy to nano-biotechnology.

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Lunch Break
R & D: Is Discovery Outstripping Development in SynBio?
John HamerRonald MeeusenGregory YepChristopher J. Guske
  • John Hamer (Managing Partrner at DCVC Bio)

    John Hamer

    Managing Partrner at DCVC Bio
  • Ronald Meeusen (Managing Director of Cultivian Sandbox)

    Ronald Meeusen

    Managing Director of Cultivian Sandbox
  • Gregory Yep (EVP, Chief Scientific & Sustainability Officer at International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.)

    Gregory Yep

    EVP, Chief Scientific & Sustainability Officer at International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
  • Christopher J. Guske (Independent Consultant at D2 Biotech Consulting)

    Christopher J. Guske

    Independent Consultant at D2 Biotech Consulting
Startup Demos and Q&A: Sundial Foods
Jessica SchwabachSiwen Deng
  • Jessica Schwabach (CEO and Co-Founder of Sundial Foods)

    Jessica Schwabach

    CEO and Co-Founder of Sundial Foods

    Jessica Schwabach is the CEO of Sundial Foods. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley. She combines her love of scientific exploration and her desire to help food systems sustainably meet protein demands to create healthy, innovative meat alternatives.

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  • Siwen Deng (CTO at Sundial Foods)

    Siwen Deng

    CTO at Sundial Foods

    Siwen Deng is the CTO of Sundial Foods. Growing up in a rural agricultural town, Siwen’s passion has always been aiding world agriculture and food safety as they face environmental challenges. Her bachelor’s studies focused on plant science and plant pathology, and she recently completed her PhD at UC Berkeley in the plant and microbial biology department.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Bountiful. AG
Startup Demos and Q&A: Insignum Agtech
Kyle Mohler
  • Kyle Mohler (Founder & CEO of Insignum AgTech)

    Kyle Mohler

    Founder & CEO of Insignum AgTech

    Kyle was raised on a midwestern US crop farm. He studied biochemistry and molecular plant sciences at Purdue University and the University of Edinburgh (PhD). He has experience in cutting-edge, patented and licensed scientific research. Kyle knows the ag market and has a passion for delivering unique solutions for the benefit of farmers and the world.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: EarthOptics
Lars Dyrud
  • Lars Dyrud (CEO of EarthOptics)

    Lars Dyrud

    CEO of EarthOptics

    Lars Dyrud has founded three companies. He enjoys advising engineers and scientists on innovation and entrepreneurism.

    Lars received a BA in Physics from Augsburg College conducting research on ultra-low frequency geomagnetic pulsations. He was a Fulbright Scholar in space and plasma physics at the University of Oslo and received a Ph.D. from Boston University conducting doctoral research on plasma turbulence using theory and super-computer simulations and observations.

    Prior to EarthOptics, Lars founded, developed and led OmniEarth to a successful exit through acquisition by EagleView Technologies where he most recently served as the Senior Vice President of Business Development. OmniEarth developed and provided machine-learning based imagery analytics tools to the insurance, public utility and land management industries. Lars has served as PI on R&D grants and contracts from NSF, DOE, NASA, AFOSR, Air Force SMC and Industry and is involved in basic and applied research in plasma physics, applications and techniques of tomography, software radio, GPS, inertial navigation and radar. He is the founder of the APL Center for Public/Private Partnerships and has led space-related missions and projects as head of the Earth and Space Science group at Draper Laboratory and previously as senior scientist and section lead at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in the areas of space physics, GPS tomography, Novel Earth observation missions and mobile applications.

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Startup Demos and Q&A: Pluton Bio
Steve Slater
  • Steve Slater (CEO of Pluton Biosciences)

    Steve Slater

    CEO of Pluton Biosciences

    In his role as CEO, Dr. Slater partners with the scientific and business teams, investors and the broader community to translate Pluton’s proprietary technology into high-performance products that deliver sustainable agriculture and climate solutions. He brings over 30 years’ experience in microbial genomics, biotechnology and business leadership to Pluton. His experience in large biotech at Monsanto, multiple start-ups and as a tenured professor facilitates operation across many disciplines and technical cultures. Dr. Slater holds a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Case Western Reserve University and was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University. He has over 50 publications and patents.

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Break1 hour
Modes of Collaboration between Startups and Large Corporates
Sarah WilliamsDavid PiersonRandall WilkinsonMike Wilbur
  • Sarah Williams (Partner at Rich Products Ventures)

    Sarah Williams

    Partner at Rich Products Ventures
  • David Pierson (Managing Director of Syngenta Group Ventures)

    David Pierson

    Managing Director of Syngenta Group Ventures
  • Randall Wilkinson (Co-founder and CEO of Wilkinson Group)

    Randall Wilkinson

    Co-founder and CEO of Wilkinson Group
  • Mike Wilbur (Pres & CEO of Cavallo Ventures)

    Mike Wilbur

    Pres & CEO of Cavallo Ventures
Break15 minutes
Innovation in Regenerative Agriculture
Ted BarberJoshua T. HofheimerHarold SchmitzJim Schultz
  • Ted Barber (Open Innovation at Danone North America)

    Ted Barber

    Open Innovation at Danone North America
  • Joshua T. Hofheimer (Partner at Sidley)

    Joshua T. Hofheimer

    Partner at Sidley
  • Harold Schmitz (General Partner at The March Fund)

    Harold Schmitz

    General Partner at The March Fund
  • Jim Schultz (CEO/Founder of Open Prairie)

    Jim Schultz

    CEO/Founder of Open Prairie
Break for Drinks, Music and Dinner