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Bountiful is an agriculture​​ technology company bringing data-driven tools to gray market crops for the entire value chain from grower to buyer. Gray market crops include almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and grapes. They operate in the same futures environment as crops traded on the CME yet lack data tools to support decision-making across the value chain. Bountiful is solving this through our data-driven platform for the entire value chain: Agriculture, Market, and Community. Helping our customers farm, market, and buy smarter with actionable insights.

Chi Botanic is the Plant Cell Company. Founded in 2017 in the by Dr. Jonathan Meuser and Dr. Robert Jinkerson, Chi Botanic is building the world's first Plant Cell Foundry utilizing fast-growing plant cell suspensions and aerobic fermentation to provide bio manufactured plant ingredients for food, flavors, fragrance, personal care, cosmetic, standardized extracts and nutraceuticals. The technology allows delivery of complex plant products at a higher quality, more sustainably, for a variety of industries. The company's mission is to set a new bar for sustainable farming and agriculture to reduce climate impact, eliminate pesticides and herbicides, and stop destruction of fragile ecosystems and rare plant populations. The goal is to provide another piece of the puzzle to help agriculture keep up with the human race by growing plant products anywhere, up to 100 times faster than traditionally farmed plants, with far less inputs. The company's first target is the $1.6B aloe market, with five other plant products representing multi-billion dollar industries in the R&D pipeline. Chi Botanic's business model is to form partnerships to provide desired ingredients in the cosmetic, food and flavor industries, while building a platform that can scale. Chi Botanic is actively working with multiple large corporate partners and already growing aloe cell culture for the production of a cleanser and lotion that will be co-branded and sold in stores soon. Current investors include IndieBio/SOSV, Better Ventures, Ponderosa Ventures, and Mayfield Fund.

Cirona Labs is a biotechnology company in the hemp industry focused on creating ingredient solutions for food, beverage, confection, and cosmetic products. Cannabinoids by nature are oils, and as oil and water do not mix, and the majority of consumer-packaged goods (CPGs) are water-based, this creates a major problem. Cirona Labs' technology solves this problem by creating nano-emulsions that are shelf-stable, clear, and have rapid onset and high bioavailability.

Clarifruit has built the world's first AI-powered Quality Control (QC) software for the Fresh Produce industry.


The $2 trillion Fresh Produce (fruit & veg) supply chain is highly fragmented, complex, and data- poor, resulting in 45% waste along the chain. Much of that waste is due to quality mismatches - lack of consistent quality standards and limited availability of data for decision makers - and it can be dramatically reduced through automation and analytics.


Clarifruit's automated QC platform, composed of a mobile app for the inspector and Mgt & Analytics dashboard for the QC director, is leveraging proprietary computer-vision technology and Big Data & analytics capabilities to empower the world's retailers, wholesalers, marketing companies and growers to make data-driven business decisions to reduce waste and maximize profitability. 


Founded in early 2018, and with over 20 employees globally today, Clarifruit is most proud in the marquee customers we have won over the last 24 months, composed of some of the world's top retailers and brands in our supply chain, including Dole Sunshine, Mucci Farms, Zespri, Pink Lady, Sanlucar and many more. 

Corigin converts the biochemistry and carbon in farm wastes into products that regenerate soils & profits for farmers while removing carbon from the atmosphere. By coupling advanced thermal deconstruction and bio-refinery technology, Corigin is able to split lignocellulosic materials into 4-four high margin revenue streams: an organic liquid plant growth enhancer with biopesticide potential, biochar soil amendments, carbon removal credits and a heavy bio-oil for industrial applications. The company's first plant is running in Merced California.

At EarthOptics we believe in real measurements and actionable results. Delivering soil maps and information in the most efficient and cost effective way for farmers, EarthOptics is unlocking the Carbon market through true measurement finally tapping Agriculture's massive potential to effect climate change. Using true Smart-Tillage we are helping farmers build the first real climate smart commodities.

Insignum AgTech helps farmers sustainably manage pests. Using gene editing and natural pigments, plants turn purple when first infected, giving growers confidence to fight disease when, where, and if they need and grow crops profitably. $1T of crop output is lost to pests worldwide. Insignum plant traits provide an unprecedented system for discernable disease management that's sustainable for all. Farmers aren't asking for better data, they need to trust that recommendations lead to returns. With Insignum, seeing is believing. Plant Intelligence.

Naio Technologies offers a sustainable, serviceable and smart farming solution combining high edge technology in robotics and AI. Naio engineered a range of light electric and autonomous ag. robots for obvious sustainable reasons: no carbon emission, no chemical use. Robots have a strong impact when it comes to securing a sustainable food production system operating 100% electric with no chemical input thus reducing up to 40 times CO2 emissions. 

Naio automates agricultural tasks and collect real time field data. Naio provides solutions that can interface with smart implements to enable lower cost, higher efficacy farming enabling large-scale adoption of organic agriculture and better handling of soil.

Naio is unlocking the access to the technologies for the growers, solving the labor shortage issue and being agnostic of the qualification level of the field workers. Bringing autonomy and accuracy to any farmers in the world, no matter their level of education, kicking out the complexity of the tech, but keeping all the benefits.

Nulixir develops, licenses, and manufactures intellectual property for smart nanocarriers, termed nanovesicles. The unique, patented, and customizable nanovesicle structures enable new possibilities for release profiles and applications of functional ingredients, solving issues experienced by brands during product formulation and development, such as uncontrolled release kinetics, product stability, shelf-life longevity, and unpleasant flavors, all while exclusively using widely accepted ingredients that are designated by the FDA as GRAS (generally regarded as safe). Available in a wide array of physical formats, such as solid powders, capsules, gummies, or liquid concentrates, Nulixir's technology can be applied to a variety of food, beverage, or nutraceutical products.

Pluton Biosciences is an early-stage biotechnology and data science company that can use the power of microbes to simultaneously increase farm productivity while sequestering carbon to drive agriculture to a carbon-negative future. Our data insights allow us to rapidly and specifically develop natural microbial and germplasm resources to simultaneously promote both food security and climate change mitigation. 

Provision is software to streamline food safety and QA. It enables clients to build simple digital templates that expedite record-keeping, with automatic schedules, rules, and alerts that increase compliance. All process documentation is centralized in one hub with automatic history and customizable reporting. This makes it faster to complete audits, and easier to analyze process data. Since being founded in 2018, Provision has been adopted for over half the refrigerated food shipped in Canada, and it's now quickly growing across the U.S.

Puna Bio uses extremophiles – microorganisms sourced from La Puna, the highest and driest desert on Earth – to develop biological inputs for agriculture that increase yields, reduce carbon emissions, and restore degraded soil. 

Relocalize is building the 1st ever fully autonomous distributed food manufacturing platform. 

By eliminating 65% of the supply chain between consumers and their food, Relocalize makes packaged food more sustainable, secure and affordable. We do this by co-locating micro-factories within the distribution infrastructure of retailers, de-risking supply, reducing cost and (most importantly) fully decarbonizing inbound logistics. 

Relocalize is focusing first on transforming the packaged beverage and ice market. In the 13 months since launch, the company has: 

  • built the 1st ever food micro-factory for a key commodity (packaged ice) and launched production 
  • closed a launch partnership with a major US retailer 
  • assembled a team of world class CXO investors to help us execute on our mission - actively engaged with the biggest names in grocery in North America at the executive and category manager level 

The company is currently raising a seed round to optimize their platform for wide-scale deployment.

Shiru is a biotech company pioneering next-generation ingredients for use in food manufacturing and production. Founded in 2019, Shiru has developed an ingredient discovery approach that combines machine-learning algorithms and precision fermentation to discover and create high-value ingredients. Built by a team of technology experts and food industry veterans, Shiru is on a mission to reduce the world's reliance on animals for food by providing delicious, cost-effective, and sustainable alternatives. Shiru is based in Emeryville, California, and is backed by leading venture capital firms such as S2G Ventures, Lux Capital, and CPT Capital. For more information, visit

Sundial Foods, Sundial Foods uses a proprietary method to create clean-label whole cuts of plant-based meat. Sundial's first product, made using eight simple ingredients, is a bone-in vegan chicken wing complete with a crispy skin.