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Learn how to use AI to shape your career and industry at AI Beyond Limits: Shaping Careers and Industries. On October 26th, join us at Orange Digital to get insights from experts and explore the potential of artificial intelligence. Discover the latest trends and breakthroughs in AI and have the opportunity to network with industry professionals. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge in the field of AI.

Hosted by Orange Digital, your ticket includes expert speakers, finger food, and networking drinks.


  • Jasper Cooper (Co-Founder of AutoRFP.ai)

    Jasper Cooper

    Co-Founder of AutoRFP.ai


    Jasper Cooper is the Co-Founder of AutoRFP.ai, a platform that leverages AI to automate Sales Proposals and Security Questionnaires. As an AI business leader, he is focused on how this transformative technology reshapes industries and creates new opportunities for young professionals. With an eye on the future, he's dedicated to exploring how AI will impact job roles, career development, and productivity in the professional realm.

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  • Tae Royle (Director - Ashurst Advance, Client Solutions APAC of Ashurst)

    Tae Royle

    Director - Ashurst Advance, Client Solutions APAC of Ashurst


    Tae Royle is a Director of our Ashurst Advance NewLaw division. He leads a cross disciplinary team to deliver sophisticated managed legal services to ASX listed entities, financial institutions and government agencies. Services delivered span the full range of commercial practice including administrative law, competition, construction, employment, financial regulation, insurance, leasing, procurement, remediation and restructuring. He has delivered hundreds of matters and projects during a career of more than 20 years.

    Tae is a market leader in the convergence of law and technology, including areas relating to machine learning, document automation and legal process automation. Tae founded the digital services team at Ashurst in 2015, growing it into a global team servicing clients across the Ashurst network. Prior to joining Ashurst Advance, Tae practiced corporate law in Australia, Canada and China.

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  • Thierry Ruiz (Head of Growth and Technology at Orange Digital)

    Thierry Ruiz

    Head of Growth and Technology at Orange Digital


    Devoted to a "Customer-First" philosophy and driven by an unwavering commitment to problem-solving, Thierry Ruiz' career has consistently placed him at the dynamic crossroads of human interaction and cutting-edge technologies.

    With an expansive background spanning over two decades in the digital industry, traversing five continents, Thierry is now navigating the intricate landscape of AI technology and its profound impact on the service sector as Orange Digitals Head of Growth & Technologies.

    Drawing upon a wealth of experience, his passion lies in equipping businesses to proactively tackle the challenges of tomorrow. By meticulously bridging the gap between consumer expectations and innovative solutions, Thierry empowers enterprises to position themselves optimally in the competitive market.

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  • Dean Wallace (Head of Technology Architecture at Australian Retirement Trust)

    Dean Wallace

    Head of Technology Architecture at Australian Retirement Trust


    Dean Wallace is currently the Head of Technology Architecture for Australian Retirement Trust. Dean has worked in Information technology for over 30 years in both Mining and Financial Services. Dean has had a wide variety of roles and remembers drum disk drives, virtual punched cards, the introduction of the cloud and when ethernet was Co-axial. Dean has a wide interest in all thing’s technology related and how these can be applied for the betterment of businesses and their customers.

    As part of his role, at Australian Retirement Trust Dean is implementing an AI Governance model to support the implementation of AI solutions in a safe, ethical and effective manner.

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