Pi Kappa Alpha Gamma Tau Alumni Association

Pi Kappa Alpha Gamma Tau Alumni Association is getting re-established! The Gamma Tau Alumni Association is here to rebuild the chain.

Gamma Tau Alumni Association Leaders
Michael Fishkin, 94 - President
Eric Schmidt, ‘01,’02 - Vice-President
Michael Piekarz, ‘17 - Secretary
Rob Nazara, GT xx - Treasurer
James McDonald ‘98 - Membership
Joseph Greco, ‘01 - Communication
David Menachery, ‘01 - Fundraising and Philanthropy
OPEN - Events Coordinator
Andy Light, ‘71, ‘72 - Mentorship


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This is a past event. Registration is closed. View other Pi Kappa Alpha Gamma Tau Alumni Association events.

Event Details

This kickoff event of the Alumni Association will have a summarize what the activities will be and Gamma Tau brothers from across the world will be able to reconnect. Register now!

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