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Welcome to Anza Founders' Night, a monthly networking event designed to bring together startups, innovators, ecosystem enablers, and investors in a dynamic and collaborative environment. Join us on 23rd February, 2024 for the 7th edition of Anza Night for a fun evening of networking, knowledge exchange, and celebration of entrepreneurship.

Through curated sessions such as the Anza Pitch Battles, Speaker sessions & Networking, Anza Night aims to enrich the local entrepreneurial ecosystem by promoting interaction, collaboration, and the sharing of valuable insights and experiences.

Come join us as for an incredible night of learning, networking and collaboration.

Side events

On this day, we also have some side events:



The Anza Pitch Battle is an exciting opportunity for founders to showcase their innovations and ideas in a competitive setting. 

The competitive nature of the Anza Pitch Battle adds an element of excitement and urgency, pushing founders to bring their A-game to the stage. It's a chance to demonstrate not only the viability of their business models but also their ability to articulate and sell their vision effectively.

Participating in the Anza Pitch Battle is a strategic move for any startup looking to elevate its profile, attract potential partners and investors, and gain valuable exposure within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The event not only celebrates innovation but also fosters a collaborative spirit among founders, creating a vibrant community that fuels the future of entrepreneurship.


Under the theme: FinTech; Navigating Financing, Innovation & Growth, our panelists will dive into dynamic conversations with industry experts as they unravel the intricate dance between financing, innovation, and growth within the booming fintech ecosystem.

From innovative funding models to groundbreaking technologies, our panelists will share their insights on the trends shaping the future of finance.

Topics include:

  • Financing Strategies: Unveiling the funding landscape for fintech startups.
  • Innovation in Fintech: Exploring the latest tech trends revolutionizing financial services.
  • Navigating Regulatory Frameworks: Insights into the evolving regulatory landscape.
  • Achieving Sustainable Growth: Strategies for fostering growth while ensuring stability.

Be prepared to engage with our distinguished panelists, representing the forefront of finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.



Pitch Battle Participants

  • Akilikash

  • Flash Credit Africa

  • Mzizi

  • InnovateSphere Africa

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