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Join us on Tuesday 30 May at 9.30 am to learn all about the Canadian Taxonomy Roadmap.

This webinar is part of our taxonomy engagement series showcasing international developments in sustainable finance taxonomies, and facilitating shared expertise and experiences.

At this webinar Canadian Sustainable Finance Experts Kathy Bardswick, Chair at the Canadian Sustainable Finance Action Council, and Barbara Zvan, President and Chief Executive Officer at University Pension Plan Ontario, will discuss the key recommendations for the development of a Canadian Taxonomy set out in the Canadian Taxonomy Roadmap Report.

Released in March 2023, the report recommendations cover the merits, design and implementation of a green and transition finance taxonomy for Canada, which forms an important aspect of Canada's climate investment strategy to achieve a net-zero economy by 2050.

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  • Kathy Bardswick (Chair at Sustainable Finance Action Council)

    Kathy Bardswick

    Chair at Sustainable Finance Action Council

  • Barbara Zvan (President and CEO of University Pension Plan (UPP) Ontario)

    Barbara Zvan

    President and CEO of University Pension Plan (UPP) Ontario

  • Nicole Yazbek-Martin (Program Lead; Taxonomy and Natural Capital at ASFI)

    Nicole Yazbek-Martin

    Program Lead; Taxonomy and Natural Capital at ASFI