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Atlanta Tamil Mandram welcomes all to celebrate Womenhood on International Women's day

  • Meet and interact with all our community women
  • Participate in Games and have fun
  • Indulge in variety of snacks
  • Showcase your talent in contests and win prizes
  • Ages 15+ can participate
  • Dress code: BLACK

Below are fun contests that you can participate to showcase your skills and win cool prizes. Send all entries to cultural@atlantatamilmandram.org before March 21st.

Note: Select these items during the ticket purchase to register for these contests. Contest fees $5 per team

Digging in to Dessert contest ( Life is sweet so why not enter your favorite treat )

  • Solo entry only
  • "Any Origin, Anything Goes!
  • We welcome entries inspired by any dessert from around the world, or anything related to desserts. Get creative and show us your unique perspective!"
  • Present the dessert entries on the event day between 1:00 to 1:30 PM
  • Send your entries to cultural@atlantatamilmandram.org

Feel It Reel It ( Any theme - 30 Seconds Reels competition)

  • Min 1 and Max 5 participants
  • 30 seconds reel,You can use any viral reels/background score but create your own do not recreate the original reel
  • Innovative/woman based ideas will get more points
  • Top 5 reels can perform their reel on stage on the event day
  • Send your entries to cultural@atlantatamilmandram.org

Share your Poetry/Haiku (Celebrate women Theme)

  • Solo entry only
  • Calling all women poets and haiku enthusiasts! Share your verses in English or Tamil inspired by women's experiences, stories, and journeys. Whether it's the strength, resilience, or beauty of women, let your words paint vivid portraits. From the depths of emotion to the heights of empowerment, explore the world of women through poetry and haiku!"
  • Top 3 entries will be honored on stage and the winners can present it to the audience.
  • Send your entries to cultural@atlantatamilmandram.org

Snap a selfie contest (Here are the few things to try)

  • Solo entry only
  • Reflections: Capture your reflection in interesting surfaces like mirrors, water puddles, or metallic objects
  • Forced Perspective: Play with perspective by making objects or people appear larger or smaller than they are relative to you.
  • Silhouette Selfie: Pose in front of a bright background to create a striking silhouette.
  • Shadow Play: Experiment with shadows cast by sunlight or artificial light sources.
  • Send your entries to cultural@atlantatamilmandram.org


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International Women's day (Non-Members)

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Shiloh Point Elementary School

8145 Majors Rd, Cumming GA 30041
Cumming, Georgia

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