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Venue Location
Venue Location

Troop E State Police Barracks - Farmington

1569 Rochester Road
Canandaigua, New York

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Organizer: , NYS DCJS, New York State Police
Contact Person: Samuel Farina
Event Details
Event Details

Course Description:

During this five (5) day course, participants have the opportunity to learn more about contemporary crisis negotiation issues. The course content includes a historic overview of crisis negotiations, the types of incidents and barricaded subjects and how to differentiate between a hostage and crisis situation. Participants will learn the number one priority that should always be considered during a crisis negotiation situation and the components of the negotiation process. Participants will also learn communication techniques that will familiarize them with the importance of the initial contact, dealing with demands and deadlines, when to call a time out, and the surrender phase. Methods and techniques for dealing with third party intermediaries and the media will be discussed during the course. All participants will be familiarized with the negotiation team make-up and selection, Hostage Negotiations Team/SWAT relations and the importance of recognizing negotiator stress. Participants will be involved in role-play and active listening exercises exclusive to the negotiation process.

Course Objectives:

As a result of attending this program, attendees will gain a better understanding of the negotiation concepts, guidelines and equipment needed when dealing with subject(s) during a hostage, barricade or suicide situation. Officer's will be familiar with and be able to recognize high risk factors that indicate a significant potential for loss of life and the elements necessary for a successful negotiation resolution. This basic course will prepare/provide the law enforcement professional with the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to perform crisis negotiations in the field. Additionally, the attendee will have the necessary training to gain the understanding of the negotiation process, phases, complexities and psychology necessary to resolve hostage/barricade or suicidal situations.

¨ List the various types of incidents and types of subject(s) encountered during a hostage, barricade, or suicide situation.

¨ Familiarized with demands and deadlines and list the non-negotiable demands.

¨ Explain the various ways and means of communicating with subjects and how to deal with third party intermediaries.

¨ Understanding the Terrorist and Extremist

¨ Plan and prepare with the necessary equipment, training and personnel to respond a barricade incident.

¨ Hostage Negotiations Team/SWAT relations (Team Concept) and list various force options available during an incident

Course Limitations/Qualifications:

The course is limited to the first 24 attendees who register. Those attending must be a full-time certified police or peace officer and approved by their respective agency CEO to attend.


This course will be held the NYSP Barracks Troop E, Farmington, NY . Start time is 0800 and end at 1600 hours.

  • DB

    Dr. Rebeccah Bernard


  • SF

    Samuel Farina

    Chief (ret.) at Fairport Police Department

  • TF

    Tom Fitzak

    Sergeant at Irondequoit Police Department

  • JS

    John Stubbe

    Senior Investigator at New York State Police

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Sponsors and Partners

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