Board & Director Evaluations: A Practical Guide for Governance Committees

A board evaluation is the most powerful tool in the governance arsenal – and one that is rarely used to its full potential. A comprehensive board evaluation can take a board from good to great within a year and keep a great board vibrant. But most boards use surveys and other superficial board evaluation tools – wasting directors' time, insulting their intelligence and failing to achieve the meaningful results available with a well-designed board evaluation and the support of a boardroom champion.

What's necessary to create a genuinely impactful board evaluation? That's what this session will focus on. It will also discuss how boards can take advantage of directors' newfound comfort with Zoom in adopting this process – with an accelerated timeline and lower costs. Tailoring the interview protocol, incorporating senior management feedback, selecting an external facilitator, the Board 2.0 exercise– all will be covered, and more. Individual director evaluations will also discussed in-depth – as any such process needs to ensure that it delivers specific and actionable feedback that is both meaningful and useful to every member of the board.

Learn more about the first session of our Women Get On Board Virtual Speaker Series, Board & Director Evaluations: A Practical Guide For Governance Committees* through this interview with our speaker, Beverly Behan, Author, Board and Director Evaluations: A Practical Guide for Governance Committees, interviewed by Michelle McGlade, CEO of Evolutionize Media.

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*All attendees will receive a complimentary PDF copy of Beverly Behan's new book, "Board & Director Evaluations: A Practical Guide for Governance Committees"(Board Advisor, New York - 2020).


  • Beverly Behan (Author, "Board and Director Evaluations: A Practical Guide for Governance Committees" & President of Board Advisor LLC)

    Beverly Behan

    Author, "Board and Director Evaluations: A Practical Guide for Governance Committees" & President of Board Advisor LLC

    Beverly Behan has worked with nearly 200 Boards of Directors over the past 24 years, primarily boards of public companies trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, TSX and other stock exchanges. She also has significant experience with private company boards as well as boards of family-controlled organizations. Her clients range from the Fortune 500 to recent IPOs and while most are based in North America, she has also worked with boards in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America.
    Beverly began her governance career with Mercer Consulting in Vancouver, became a partner in the Corporate Governance practice of Mercer Delta in New York and later served as Global Managing Director of the Board Effectiveness Practice for the Hay Group. Roughly ten years ago, she founded her own practice, Board Advisor, LLC. Her last book, “Great Companies Deserve Great Boards” (Palgrave MacMillan, 2011) was named Governance Book of the Year in the United States by Directors and Boards magazine. Her new book, “Board and Director Evaluations in the Age of Zoom” will be released in 2020. Originally from Canada, Beverly has been based in New York for the past 20 years and has dual Canadian/US citizenship.

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