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Body Whispering Taster

Online Networking Event · 2 Attendees
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EnglishHealth & Pharmaceutical

Event Description

Body Whispering is a play of energies to create shifts in, well, your body and extend the shifts to your entire life. In this taster, you will receive universal energies that hold the power to shift the very molecules that need to be shifted.

Event Host

Shalu Bhuchar
New Connector
About Me A Board Member, an entrepreneur, Founder and Founding Member of two start-ups, facilitator, coach and master trainer, I bring the ability to work with people at the top levels, be a powerful coach and consult my clients – all with a drive towards creating inclusive cultures that focus on good governance, quality results and a great place to work. As a Healer and Body Whisperer I started my Body Whispering journey in mid 2020 when the pandemic hit and while I was healing a lot of people individually, the situation required contribution at a large scale. Because I have been healing for the past 12 years and I have experienced healing have great, long-lasting impact, I trust the energies as they create the magic they do. It is my work with these cosmic, universal energies that led me to trusting Body Whispering energies and then really stepping into them. I am one of 12 Body Whisperers that walk the planet and I take my responsibility and capability of bringing healing and Body Whispering energies to as many living beings – people, plants, animals, water bodies – as I can. I am a trained life coach processing ICF-PCC credentialing, a dually certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, certified in the psychodrama technique of coaching and counseling, certified Body Whispering Coach and Facilitator and have 20 years of coaching across a multi-aspect spectrum of people in India and globally. I currently lead a niche boutique firm, KaVeeBhu, that I have founded in the space of Coaching, Culture Building, Change Management and Organizational Development. At KaVeeBhu, our coaching, consulting and facilitation work is based on the concepts of Use of Self as an Instrument of Change and Emotional Intelligence. My venture Violet Flame – pure, chemical free, handmade personal relief products like balms, oils, relief solutions - helps empower underprivileged women. With Magic Beans, I bring Body Whispering therapies to everyone who is willing to invest in themselves.