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Save the dateFebruary 2, 202312:00 PM - 1:00 PM (GMT-5)
Contact Person: Camaryn Sapienza
Event Details
Event Details

Feb 2 • 12:00pm


Justin Connor - Executive Director, the Center for Industry Self Regulation, BBB National Programs

Kathryn Farrara - General Counsel, Beauty & Wellbeing, Unilever North America

What is the role of independent business leadership today, and in what ways has business historically come together to solve its own challenges? How can industry self-regulation help build a trustworthy marketplace for all of us who buy goods and services from brands that we believe in? The truth is that government does not have all the solutions and that the case for top-down, command and control regulation should be limited to only cases where there is a true failure of markets that requires government regulation. Business itself is closest to the problem and often in the best position to find solutions its own challenges and can do so through industry self-regulation that bears the hallmarks of independence and accountability.

From this event, attendees will learn:

  • The benefits of industry self-regulation and how it has shaped our economy with a particular highlight on the advertising industry
  • How industry self-regulation works today in practice, including a discussion of various successful models and best practices
  • Emerging challenges and innovative potential new use cases for the limitless future.

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