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Join us in celebrating 25 years of Ag Ventures Alliance fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the farming and agribusiness community through farmer led innovation. All of you have been instrumental in shaping the future of agriculture.  

Saturday, July 29th

Open House 4:00 to 7:00 pm

We have a day filled with family activities, yard games, face painting, and food trucks. You will also be able to get an inside look at some of our portfolio companies that are leading the way in agricultural advancements. We hope you will be present with us at 5:30 pm as we honor some of the key people who played a vital role in achieving this milestone.

We are looking forward to having you and your family at this milestone gathering!

RSVP by 5:00 pm on Friday, July 28th 

Activities are both inside and outside. The program at

5:30 pm will be held inside in the air conditioning.


5:30 PM - 5:50 PM
Recognition of key people who played a vital role in AgVA achieving the milestone of 25 years.


Portfolio Companies
  • Continuum Ag

    Mitchell Hora, Founder & CEO

    Continuum Ag is a soil health data intelligence company and the catalyst for sustainable agriculture. We are on a mission to help 1 million farmers profit from improving their soil health. Start your journey with a “Regen Roadmap” and all that our TopSoil Tool has to offer!

    Did you miss or want to rewatch parts of the TopSoil Summit?! They have the session recorded and published just for those reasonings! Watch all the videos on their YouTube channel under "The TopSoil Summit" with the link below! https://youtube.com/playlist...

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  • Midland Co.

    Jackson Kimle, Founder & President

    Located in central Iowa, Midland Co, is a land-based seadfood company dedicated to raising sustainable, ethical, and delicious seafood.

    UPDATE as of June 29th: Completed Midland Co. Shrimp Nursery!

    There are two main parts to our systems - the shrimp culture tanks and the water treatment system with our Algae-Based RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) technology. From the shrimp tanks, the water circulates to our water treatment where the algae filters the effluent water. So in a way, we raise two living organisms to cohabitate in a symbiotic relationship. Both we have to care for and make sure they are comfortable and happy.

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  • Susterre Technologies Inc

    Michael Cully, Founder & CEO

    Susterre is pioneering the use of ultra-high pressure water jets in row crop planting applications. Our technology promotes regenerative practices like no-till farming and cover crops on a permanent basis, lowers the costs of planting and adds time to the farmer's planting window.

    Check out their Facebook page below to see some of the different trials they have been participating in.

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  • EVOIA, Inc.

    Stephanie Gable, Commercialization Lead

    EVOIA™ brings the ecological benefits of fire to production agriculture in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

    Based on patented, proprietary technology, EVOIA™ uses fire to convert sustainable raw biomass to plant beneficial compounds and then transforms them into highly active, consistent biostimulants.

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  • Salin 247, Inc.

    David Krog, Founder & CEO

    Salin 247 will help increase the profitability & sustainability of crop production by changing the way we raise our crops. We are building a platform for small, light-weight, electric-powered, autonomous crop production machines & providing a range of services related to the operation of these machines.

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  • Haber Technologies, Inc.

    Dillon Hurd, President & Co-Founder

    Haber Technologies is an Iowa-based company specializing in a revolutionary new way to dry and aerate agricultural products through the patented DRI-Stack system. Our team is focused on the global problem of post-harvest product loss while accelerating the drying process, reducing energy use, and improving quality and consistency in a data-driven, intelligent way. Haber Technologies DRI-Stack increases the overall efficiency of farming operations while pushing the envelope of technological advancements within agriculture. Applications include the ability to dry, monitor, and condition traditional mainstays such as corn and soybeans and most agricultural products from wheat to rice to tree nuts.

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  • Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc.

    Sean Arthur, Regional Sales Manager

    Environmental Tillage Systems, Inc. has been dedicated to defending the land and leading the charge since beginning on a farm in Southeastern Minnesota in 2004. ETS is a leading manufacturer of conservation tillage and nutrient management equipment.

    You don’t have to choose between soil health and farm profitability. Minimize erosion while creating precise, nutrient-rich zones. Reduced passes across the field result in equipment, fuel and labor savings with the SoilWarrior®, the only complete Zone Tillage™ and precision nutrient placement system custom built for your farm.

    AgPhd Radio Show - Strip-Til featuring Sean Arthur, Regional Sales Manager for ETS.

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  • Phospholutions, Inc.

    Brian Milam, Key Accounts Manager

    At Phospholutions, our mission is simple. We are enhancing the efficiency of global phosphorus use. Being the second-largest nutrient used in food production worldwide, the need to manage this finite resource more efficiently has never been more critical to support future generation

    RhizoSorb® technology, driven by plant needs, is setting a new standard for phosphorus efficiency. Growers using fertilizers incorporated with RhizoSorb® can reduce phosphorus use up to 50% while maximizing their yield.

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  • ReEnvision Ag, Inc.

    Jayson Ryner, Founder

    The ReEnvision Ag Planter system allows farmers to be the best stewards of the environment by reducing tillage and allowing the soil to be healthier. The soil is our biggest asset and we want to protect it. We don’t want it to erode or degrade.

    Our source of competitive advantage lies in the intellectual property of our SeedSpike™ planting system. The entire row crop planting industry is monolithic as they all use a set of double disc openers to create a seed trench. ReEnvision Ag and our planter system hold the only provisional patent on a system of placing the seeds using a cone-shaped dibble to plant the seeds in a precise location at an exact spacing. This system widens the planting window, optimizes planting depth and spacing, and minimizes soil contact compared to currently used technology.

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Food Vendors - (Provided Free)
Family Activities


The Rustic Barn Venue

24064 250th St
Nora Springs, Iowa

If you have any questions please contact Cathy Kaune

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