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Save the dateOctober 13, 202112:30 PM - 3:30 PM (GMT+11)
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Event Details
Event Details

Creative and innovative organisations have a clear competitive advantage in our rapidly changing world.  Creativity is essential for solving problems, improving processes and launching new products and services.  However, it is a skill that few people learn and develop. 

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Course outline
Course outline

What you'll learn:

Improving your Creativity

  • Unlocking your creativity - like exercising a muscle
  • Difference between creativity and innovation
  • Breaking through your fears, doubts and assumptions
  • Fixed verses growth mindsets - how do you approach failure?
  • Using whole brain thinking for innovation
  • Techniques for generating creative thinking - visualisation, speed thinking, etc.
  • Allowing mistakes - and knowing which ones to keep
  • The stages of innovation - where are your strengths?
  • Power questions to create new ideas

Using the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking

  • Why current thinking is inadequate
  • What limits our creativity - adversarial thinking vs. parallel thinking
  • Creating a framework for thinking - powerful simplicity
  • Directing your thinking and separating ego from performance
  • Values and uses for the Six Thinking Hats
  • Constructive rather than destructive argument
  • White, Red, Yellow, Black, Green and Blue Hats
  • Which sequence to use?
  • Systematic vs. Occasional use of the Hats
  • Solving problems by unorthodox or illogical methods
  • Breaking old mindsets - the Random Word Technique
  • Using the Concept Triangle to leverage creativity
  • Harvesting ideas - how do you know it's a winner?
  • Red Hat - what do you think of the De Bono Tools?
  • Where can you use the concepts?

Who should attend:

This training is for managers, team leaders, project managers and anyone interested in enhancing creativity in their workplace.

Delivery format

  • 3-hour interactive Zoom workshop – join details provided upon registration
  • Participants need access to PC/Laptop with speakers, microphone and webcam
Workshop Facilitator
Workshop Facilitator
  • Scott Henderson (CEO of BSI Learning Institute Pty Ltd)

    Scott Henderson

    CEO of BSI Learning Institute Pty Ltd

Scott is a registered psychologist with a solid background as an educator.  He has worked as a lecturer in psychology, behavioural science and research at the Universities of Sydney and Western Sydney.  Lecturing for 6 years at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Scott specialised in the disciplines of health and social psychology.  His expertise includes such areas as leadership, teams and group dynamics, communication and body language, persuasion techniques, stress, and workplace satisfaction.

Since 1999, his work in the corporate sector has spanned the spectrum from industrial psychologist to corporate trainer.  In 2004 he became a certified Master Coach in Behavioural Coaching and continues to coach both individuals and teams at all levels within the companies with which he works.


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