The use of credit scoring has increased significantly in recent years owing to better access to a wider variety of data, increased computing power and greater demand for improvements in efficiency. Credit scoring has evolved from the traditional decision-making of accepting or rejecting an application for credit to the inclusion of other facets of the credit process such as the pricing of financial services to reflect the risk profile of the consumer or business and the setting of credit limits.

This training course will explore the application of credit scoring and the effective practices for data management, analysis and modelling. Attendees will learn how to identify opportunities and address potential risks in the use of credit scoring for risk-based pricing.

The training will cover:

  • Key elements of credit scoring
  • Different types of data used in credit scoring
  • Credit scoring methods and tools
  • Regulatory requirements around consumer data
  • Opportunities, challenges and risks in credit scoring
  • Integrating CRB data with internal scores
  • Case studies


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