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Expert call, 22nd July 2023, Saturday, 3:00 pm IST, Zoom

Collaboration with Qineticare, The world's first Family Health Office.

Join us as we discuss the "Wellness and Lifestyle session" with Jasmin Blunck.

Jasmin Blunck, a Functional Medicine Health Coach, in this session, to learn how small daily changes can increase your mental and physical energy levels naturally and transform your life.

The session will cover the connection between the mind and body and how neglecting our body can affect our mind. You'll also learn about upgrading your movement and nutrition, understanding brain health, tips on how to stay sharp, and how to get restful sleep every day.

• How to upgrade your movement & nutrition today.

• Understanding brain health & tips on how to stay sharp.

• How to get restful sleep every day!

This call is capped to a max of 10 attendees, after which a waitlist will kick in. Please DM Ritika at or +91 90227 65966 at your earliest should you wish to join the call.

Look forward to growing together!

Jul 22, 2023

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (GMT +05:30)


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