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Alethea AI

Alethea AI is a fast-growing deep tech startup at the intersection of two exponential technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Alethea AI is well positioned to grow after a stellar 2021, registering steep hockey stick growth and 8 figures in revenue and a passionate 30,000 + community of Aletheans using its products. Alethea AI, having pioneered and invented the "Intelligent NFT'' standard and protocol is ready to emerge as a breakout leader in the Metaverse space launching unique NFT collections with Tier-1 IP Owners, Creators, Fortune 500 brands and emerging decentralized Metaverses.

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Alkemi Network was born out of the fusion of extensive DeFi knowledge and CeFi expertise.

Our technology bridges the currently separated worlds of Centralized and Decentralized Finance. Launching with a core team of globally-distributed, specialized developers and designers, Alkemi Network is building an on-chain liquidity network with a suite of tools and products that serve as onramps for everyone to participate in DeFi.


Bitcoin is "digital gold" that no one wants to spend. Leveraging it and making purchases with a cash loan is an obvious way to go. Many financial institutions offer services for that, but there is no trustless solution within the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

L15 – "Layer-one-dot-five" created by Arrowlabs fills in precisely that gap. It is a trustless protocol used to create the L15$ coin – a Lightning-compatible digital asset, soft-pegged to the US dollar and collateralized by Bitcoin. L15 is fusing two technologies: sidechain and the Lightning Network, and adding an innovative trustless way to lock and unlock Bitcoin for use on a sidechain.

Award Pool

Award Pool is an integrated web3 platform that empowers brands, creators and collectors with amazing engagement tools and features to create, collect, trade unique experiences, collectibles, and payments securely. With Award Pool, brands and content creators can gamify campaigns containing various social and in-game challenges catered around their communities. Brands can discover a straightforward way for activation while content creators can engage and grow their community.


CyberConnect is a decentralized, self-sovereign, portable, blockchain-agnostic social graph protocol built with Ceramic & IPFS. Our mission is to democratize social connections by returning ownership of social graph data back to users & providing a universal social data layer upon which all developers can build. 

CyberConnect creates a data standard and data storage infrastructure for social connections. We effectively provide a universal data layer for the next generation of dApps - GameFi, NFTs, DAOs - to plug in social functions. For users, we make owning digital social connections as easy and portable as owning an ERC20 token. Users don't go through a bank to own a token, so they shouldn't go through a social app to own their relationships. CyberConnect aggregates connection data from every application and allows social graphs to be easily updated, accessible, and portable across Web3. 


Diba contributes to infrastructure for web3 directly on the Bitcoin blockchain and lightning network. We leverage RGB (a scalable and confidential smart contract protocol)

  • BitMask - Gateway wallet for Utility on Bitcoin and Lightning network.
  • It is a chrome extension for accessing decentralized applications on the Bitcoin blockchain using RGB protocol. Built for speed and security using RUST and compiled to WASM. wallet that supports Bitcoin UDAs (nfts), bitcoin defi, and tokens on layer 1 and Lightning network.
  • DIBA - The first open and curated marketplace for unique digital assets (UDA) issued directly on Bitcoin using RGB smart contracting protocol. UDAs are commonly referred to as NFTs.






EthSign is an electronic signing and execution platform. It starts from offering a code-based contract framework that goes hand in hand with a legally binding paper-based contract signing platform and eventually scales to a social network credit system based on an on-chain trail. EthSign is co-developing an operating system for DAOs on a decentralized bounty board, an automated investing workflow for venture DAOs, early-stage project funding platform and more.

Eve Wealth

Eve is the first Wealth DAO, an on-chain wealth-building community empowering womxn through education and investment. Built by a network of personal finance experts & founders redesigning wealth management with womxn in mind. We're creating a wealth universe where anyone can learn, earn & invest in a web3 world through cohort-circles, contributor challenges & investment opportunities.


FIAT DAO is an Ethereum-based decentralized finance ("DeFi") protocol that offers users access to liquidity for their illiquid DeFi positions in the form of the $FIAT ERC-20 token. Built on the precedent set by MakerDAO, the FIAT protocol is able to accept fixed income asset positions like those created by Element or Notional Finance as collateral for $FIAT debt positions for the duration of a given asset. FIAT DAO looks to reduce the opportunity cost associated with fixed rate lending, and in doing so, to make DeFi more amenable to supporting real world economic activity.


Immortal Studios is an independent , comics first, content studio that is building the world's first interconnected Wuxia (martial arts-fantasy) storyverse with the aim to Awaken the Hero in Everyone with its uniquely empowering and elevating "essential Wuxia" ethos where Everyone is the One

The Company has created its own "radical fan engagement" playbook and is developing, funding, marketing and distributing content directly in concert with its fan communities across different platforms and media as part of a Web3 ethos.


Lemon is a crypto startup from the fintech sector born in Argentina. Its objective is to expand the cryptocurrency revolution through Latin America with a focus on usability and financial inclusion. Lemon Cash is a virtual wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, send and receive money and earn in crypto every week. 


Moon is a crypto challenger bank that allows consumers to live on crypto. Today Moon's platform enables consumers to pay with cryptocurrency anywhere privately, securely and without fees. Moon is the most private way to spend Bitcoin on the internet and is used primarily in the developing world for cross-border purchases.


Swapi is a new fintech start-up disrupting the way in which loyalty is used across all industries, and transforming the concept from an underused, under-redeemed mechanism into a high-traffic, high-value commerce layer. We give consumers more choice and maximum value from their points, while empowering brands with effective ways to reach new and existing customers. 

With UK loyalty card holders currently retaining an average of £47 per head in unspent rewards, lack of options and availability are affecting consumer engagement in loyalty products, with a knock-on effect on brand engagement and associated revenue. As 77% of UK adults are members of a loyalty programme, the opportunity for Swapi to revolutionise the market is huge. 

Over the last seventeen months we have designed a product suite that meets the needs of consumers, brands, aggregators and employers and built and launched the first layers (Swapi Points and Swapi Marketplace) in December 2021.


Upside makes it easy to launch and manage Web3 native projects and organizations. With best practices in legal regulations and token economics, Web3 projects can confidently launch and manage Tokens, NFTs and DAOs that are set up for long term success.