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Customer Experience (CX) problem solving and decision making skills are one of the most in demand skillsets sought by employees today.  The ability to make decisions and solve problems for your customers enables you and your company to connect deeply and raise your customer value and efficacy. 

customer experience map is made up of all of the touchpoints a customer could or does have with your organisation as well as the interactions that take place at each touchpoint. Customer experience maps include many benefits for the overall health of a business.

This workshop will provide delegates with the knowledge and more importantly the skills to successly map customer experience journeys and is delivered in a highly interactive, learn-by-doing method. 

Who should attend?

This workshop would be suitable for:

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Customer Service Officer

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Course outline

Delivery Format:

  • A 2-hour fully interactive online Zoom session — join from any laptop, PC or device
  • Highly interactive, learn by doing delivery methodology

At the end of this workshop attendees will have: 

  • Understand the fundamental principles of customer journey mapping
  • Experience in the development of strategies and solutions for real-world customer experience problems 
  • The understanding of CX problem solving methods in order to apply it to their own customer experience challenges. 

Workshop Facilitator

  • Alex Alwood (CEO of All Work Together)

    Alex Alwood

    CEO of All Work Together


    Alex is the founder and Principal Consultant at All Work Together; a management consultancy specialising in customer experience (CX) research, strategy and design. Known for their customer-centric method; connecting customer and culture to put customer needs at the centre of thinking, problem-solving and decision making.

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Alex Allwood is a leading expert on customer experience; a practitioner, trainer and keynote speaker. With over 20 years in customer experience and marketing: research, strategy and design, Alex works with clients in the financial services, healthcare, insurance, technology, tourism, retail and not-for-profit sectors.Alex is the founder and Director Customer Strategy and Experience at the customer experience management consultancy All Work Together. Working with leading Australian and international organisations, her expertise connects customer and culture; empowering leaders and employee teams to work together to enhance customer value and drive customer-centric growth.

A CX trainer for over 5 years, Alex's live workshops and online training courses are based on her signature Learn-by-Doing method which is designed to immerse learners in real-customer experience problems to develop business-ready skills in CX decision making and problem solving. Alex's CX courses are ideal for leaders and managers who are seeking a customer-centric approach in leading or facilitating CX change.

A master storyteller, Alex layers 20 years of insight, social commentary and case studies to deliver powerful keynotes and presentations to large audiences, conferences, seminars, retreats and corporate teams. Alex is also a 2-time author, her latest book, Customer Empathy, a radical intervention in customer experience management and design was published in late 2019.


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