Today's financial markets are complex and sophisticated, reflecting the repeated interaction of millions of people, institutions, and systems. Technology-rich and interconnected ecosystems like financial markets are susceptible to cyber-attacks. Cyber security threats are recognised as a significant risk to market integrity, investor protection, and the orderly functioning of markets.

The objective of the workshop is to provide an overview of the cyber security landscape in financial markets and present a methodical and proactive approach to cyber security that introduces safeguards that can reduce the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks.

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Day 1

Ms. Ingrid Goodspeed

Financial markets ecosystems in the context of the global financial system
Cyber security terminology
Cyber risk and the types of cyber threats in financial markets
Key components of an effective cyber security framework
Nature, implications, and methods of controlling cyber risks
Measures to enhance cyber-attack deterrence and incident response and recovery
The global and national regulatory framework governing the risk management of financial markets


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