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Today, our future physical and mental well-being, including safety and trust, are addressed by exploring diverse design strategies, methods, and technological advancements. We will be able to receive distance health services from our homes and live for more than 100 years. The role of design in healthcare is critical in enhancing patient experiences, improving outcomes, optimizing healthcare processes and delivery efficiency, and adapting to technological advancements.


Chad Hutson, Chief Design Strategy Officer Design at Dimensional Innovations, USA.

Positive Distractions: Using Experience Design and Technology to Reduce Anxiety for Patients and Visitors

Advancing mental health involves alleviating emotional distress and physical pain in challenging situations such as blood transfusions, children's burn treatments, and the recovery of neurodivergent patients.

Despina Macris, Design Director at Dotdash, Australia

Navigate consciously and safely!

By employing typography, colour theory, and linguistics, design strategies are deployed to improve wayfinding in health institutions and urban environments, utilizing information design, mapping, and environmental graphics to enhance user experiences worldwide.

Ingus Augstkalns, Founder and CEO of Beat the Storm, Latvia

Changing perception in 30 seconds

Designing secure yet thrilling attractions for a diverse audience entails incorporating insights into crafting transformative experiences while considering safety measures and positive impact in windy conditions.

Moderator Aija Freimane, PhD, Lecturer at Technological University Dublin School of Art and Design


Ingus Augstkalns

Founder and CEO of Beat the Storm

Aija Freimane

Lecturer at PhD, Lecturer at Technological University Dublin School of Art and Design

Chad Hutson

Chief Strategy Officer at Dimensional Innovations

Despina Macris

Director of dotdash

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