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The world has changed as we know it. In 2020 the reset button was pressed and in some way we all had to reinvent ourselves. We are happy to say that we have evolved and grown over the past few years. The Italian Association has become a leader in the community in bringing people together regardless of ethnicity and shared our Italian culture with our neighbors.

Italians and those of Italian heritage pay a huge role in shaping the state of Arizona and this great nation of ours. Locally we work to find new ways to share our culture and traditions with those around us. As an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Italian arts, culture and traditions along with Business Services, we work tirelessly to meet our objectives.

Our volunteers work with us in helping others. We donate to other non-profits to help them with their purpose and mission. The Italian Festival has been and will continue to be an iconic event that has helped us grow. Our monthly gatherings bring us together in the local communities. Our Italian language classes help in not diluting and eventually losing our native tongue. Our volunteer network is expanding. Our business directory flourishes with new business members.

And we want to do more …

As we grow we need your help. Donations go a long way in helping us meet our financial demands. Please consider a donation to the Italian Association. Whatever you can provide in the way of a donation is sincerely appreciated. Any amount assists us in managing the organization and keeping things on track.

Regardless of any dollar amount donated, we are grateful for your support.

The Italian Association is a registered 501 C3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for your help!