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As an ESA WorkTech StartUp Advisor there is no obligation beyond offering feedback to mid-stage and late-stage WorkTech StartUp companies who are ready to scale. This is your opportunity to not only know about new Tech before others, but also help accelerate the growth of these StartUp companies by providing targeted feedback on their offering. Being involved can potentially lead to a Start up Advisory Board role for the companies you provide feedback.

Sparkwise is a multiplayer learning platform where professionals master skills by solving interactive group challenges that spur real-time practice, discussions, and feedback.

Why it matters

Upskilling/reskilling is critical to many organizations' talent strategy, but it's hard to drive learning impact at scale. Solve for scale, and you're left with click-click eLearning that most learners dread. Solve for impact, and you need a people-heavy model that is expensive and hard to coordinate. Sparkwise makes it possible to massively scale high-impact small group learning — with smart technology that removes the need for live facilitators.

  • · Impact: 90%+ learner satisfaction and 80%+ completion. Trusted by thousands by leaders across the globe.

Supermanage is an AI agent that makes managing people easier, starting with 1-on-1 meetings. Before each 1-on-1, or anytime you're curious, Supermanage generates a crystal-clear snapshot of your team member's world—summarizing contributions, challenges, sentiment, and interpersonal dynamics. Instead of wasting half the meeting playing catch up, you can dive deep on the topics that matter and make the most of your time together.

Why It Matters

Managing people is hard. And your regular 1-on-1s and skip-levels are often the difference between thriving employees and daily drama. More often than not, it's preparation that makes the difference. Do you know exactly what they're working on and how it's going? How they're feeling? Are you using that information to structure an elegant conversation that is efficient, effective, and human?

You'd like to. But who has the time? Are you going to check every channel and read every email? Speak with their colleagues? Not with eight hours of meetings on the calendar every day. The funny part is, you know what it takes to be a great manager. But with everything you've got on your plate, it feels like you're always playing catch-up.

That's where Supermanage comes in. We're here to make things easier, so you can stop feeling like you're always running behind and start getting ahead.

The format of the meeting is simple. The startup will each have 15 minutes to present followed by a 10-minute facilitated Q&A. Fast paced and exciting!

Jul 12, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CDT)


  • Gale Wilkinson (Founder and Managing Partner of VITALIZE)

    Gale Wilkinson

    Founder and Managing Partner of VITALIZE

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  • Aaron Dignan (Founder of Supermanage and Murmur Labs)

    Aaron Dignan

    Founder of Supermanage and Murmur Labs

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  • Vince Jeong (Co-Founder and CEO of Sparkwise)

    Vince Jeong

    Co-Founder and CEO of Sparkwise

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