Enrol for the Esperanza x ISTE blended learning programme to:

  • Learn how technology can make teaching and learning more effective
  • Implement a blended learning project with peer-to-peer support
  • Plug yourself and your students into an international network
  • Receive a scholarship to go through the ISTE certification programme for select participants
  • Get a chance to share your school's blended learning experiences locally and internationally



COVID-19 has changed in a matter of weeks how millions of children are educated around the world. Educators are left with no choice but to switch to online learning. It has also offered educators a glimpse of how we could make use of technology to make teaching and learning more empowering, engaging and effective. As we prepare for the normal resumption of schools, it is high time we leverage on the experience of remote learning in the past year to migrate to a blended learning mode.

Programme Objectives 

In collaboration with ISTE and teachers associations In Hong Kong, Esperanza is pleased to launch a pilot blended learning programme for school leaders and educators in Hong Kong. The programme aims to:

  • Equip educators with the tools and skills to implement blended learning
  • Encourage educators to apply and integrate their learning in their day-to-day teaching activities
  • Celebrate and share best local practices as role models
  • Build the global connections of Hong Kong educators and facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges and learning of the best international practices
  • Demonstrate the value of professional development to teachers and encourage more systematic implementation after the pilot

Target participants

Each school should ideally be represented by 3 participants, with at least one in a school leader position (principal, vice principal, panel head, curriculum head or school development coordinator etc). Each team could also include educators with different levels of experience and subject expertise.


1. ISTELive21 Conference (26-30 June)

For more than four decades, the ISTE conference has been recognized as one of the world's most influential education events. Every year, over 16,000 educators and education leaders gather to engage in hands-on learning, share best practices and hear from the brightest minds from the world of education and beyond. The Conference was conducted virtually in 2020 and will also be online in 2021.

2.Online Summer Learning Academy (SLA) with ISTE (2-13 August 2021)

The SLA is a 15-hour online learning programme with 3 self-paced courses and 6 webinars to help participants:

  • Identify and understand challenges faced by students and achievement gaps that were widened during distance learning
  • Develop strategies for using technology to support and empower students, especially those with special needs
  • Leverage student data to better understand and meet the needs of students
  • Develop strategies to form meaningful connections with students and families
  • Identify communication and instructional strategies that address students' social and emotional learning and well-being
  • Leverage technology to allow students to connect with each other and global resources
  • Expand their role as teachers to support flexible learning scenarios
  • Develop students as engaged, curious learners who take an active role in their learning.
  • Design lessons that make space for student autonomy and interest-driven projects.

Summer Learning Academy 2021 Syllabusdownload

3.Briefing on "Getting Prepared for the Blended Learning Project" (25 Sep)

Participants will receive local expert guidance to integrate the ISTE learning in the local education context. Cyberport will introduce the local edtech solutions available to schools. 

4.Three-month Application Period (Oct – Dec 2021)

  • Apply theories in day-to-day teaching with a blended learning project under the coaching of a local teacher with relevant experience
  • Join a virtual Creative Constructor Lab organised by ISTE (Oct 15-17) to learn with educators from around the world how to create vibrant learning environments using digital storytelling, design thinking, coding etc

5.One year of ISTE Membership

The membership will provide access to ISTE learning resources, including webinars, white papers and ebooks, exclusive ISTE Professional Learning Networks and the ISTE Edtech Advisor (a community rating and review platform for edtech tools and resources)

You may also choose to join individual ISTE learning programme!

For educators who are interested only in the ISTE Live 2021, please apply directly via the ISTE website by 30 June 2021 using the code ISTE21HK under "I have a coupon code or transfer credit". 

For educators who are interested only in the ISTE Membership, please subscribe directly via the ISTE website by 26 Sep 2021 using the code MEMBERHK under"Discount code".

Registrants will have the opportunity to get a free pass to ISTE22 Annual Conference.

Programme Incentives

ISTE Scholarship

Programme participants will have a chance to receive an ISTE Scholarship to go through a nine-month ISTE Certification for Educators in 2022.

ISTE Certification for Educators is the only vendor-neutral, internationally recognized credential for educators who have demonstrated mastery of the ISTE Standards for Educators. ISTE Certification focuses on pedagogy, not on tools or devices, and is designed to change your educational practice.

Upon completion of 30 hours of professional learning, participants will have 6 months to apply their learning and submit their e-portfolio. Over 2000 teachers in 12 countries have joined the ISTE Certification, valid for three years, since its launch in 2018.


Case Study Sharing

Schools to be awarded with the ISTE scholarship will enjoy the opportunity to be showcased through:

  • Case studies with accompanying videos to be promoted locally in Hong Kong and published internationally on EdSurge: the largest and most influential edtech news platform worldwide
  • Presentations at the ISTE Conference in June 2022 (travel and accommodation expenses not included) 

Expression of Interest

ISTE is pleased to offer the entire programme to each participating school at HKD7,500, with 3 places for each school. The fees will be non-refundable.


A senior representative of the school should complete the Expression of Interest form on or before 31 May 2021 (1300 HKT). If the number of applicants exceeds the quota. Esperanza will take into account the diversity of the cohort and select schools that can show their commitment to implementing blended learning. Successful applicants will be informed on or before 4 June 2021 and will be required to pay the programme fees on or before 18 June 2021.

For details of the ISTE programme, please refer to their website. The organiser reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the offerings.

About ISTE

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the largest and most well established nonprofit organization that serves educators interested in the use of technology in education. Headquartered in the US, ISTE provides educational technology resources to support professional learning for educators and education leaders worldwide, including the ISTE Conference & Expo—an ed tech event, and the ISTE Standards for learning, teaching and leading with technology. ISTE also provides a suite of professional learning resources to members, including webinars, online courses, consulting services, books, and peer-reviewed journals and publications.

In 2019, ISTE acquired EdSurge, a for-profit news organization, which focuses on technology and education, and converted it to a non-profit.