Delve into the journey of women in the workplace through a comprehensive exploration of historical perspectives, current landscapes, challenges, and success stories. Discover the unique barriers women face, from gender bias to work-life balance, and learn how leadership, mentorship, and skill development initiatives are pivotal for advancement. Explore the importance of networking, support systems, and diversity initiatives in fostering inclusive workplaces. Gain insights into legal frameworks promoting gender equality and explore emerging trends and opportunities shaping the future of women in finance. Join us as we pave the way for gender equality and empower women to thrive in the dynamic landscape of financial markets.

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Day 1

Bianca Botes

Workshop Outline
Historical Perspective: Explore the historical role of women in finance and how it has evolved over time.

Current Landscape: Discuss the current representation of women in finance, including statistics on employment, leadership positions, and pay gaps.

Challenges and Barriers: Address the unique challenges and barriers that women face in the finance industry, such as gender bias, discrimination, and work-life balance issues.

Success Stories: Highlight success stories of women who have excelled in finance, including their career journeys, achievements, and strategies for overcoming obstacles.

Leadership and Mentorship: Discuss the importance of leadership and mentorship in supporting women’s career advancement in finance and provide guidance on how to find mentors and sponsors.

Skill Development: such as negotiation skills, financial analysis, and leadership development.

Networking and Support Systems: Emphasize the value of networking and building support systems within the finance industry, including professional associations, networking events, and online communities.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Explore the role of diversity and inclusion initiatives in promoting gender equality and creating inclusive workplaces in the finance industry.

Legal and Policy Frameworks: Provide an overview of relevant legal and policy frameworks related to gender equality in the workplace, including anti-discrimination laws and corporate diversity initiatives.

Future Trends and Opportunities: Discuss emerging trends and opportunities for women in finance, such as the rise of impact investing, fintech innovation, and remote work arrangements.


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