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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are very pleased to launch our next Fintech Workshop, to be held on April 6, online. The Fintech Workshop series has been at the core of our Workshops at Bonny Doon, and this will be our 5th on this subject. Our Website is now open for registration!

Fintech startups have become an integral part of the ongoing innovation process within the financial services industry -- we have become accustomed to disruption in the sector. There is a lot new happening in fintech, as will be demonstrated by the startups and speakers we will be featuring. Coming out of Covid, we may have reached another inflection point, as consumer expectations for online services have ratcheted up as the customer experience has improved. Who will reap the margins as services and roles get deconstructed and put back together again? With the roll out of embedded products, who will own the customers, who will build enduring platforms and who will become commoditized? Will the InsureTech ecosystem follow the path of commercial banking in reconstructing the industry? How will the growth of Asia and Asian fintechs affect the global competitive landscape? How are investors thinking about all these trends?

We will be showcasing 10 leading startups as a window onto tech and market developments in the sector. In addition to the startups, we have recruited some of the leading experts and investors in the sector to speak. They participate in several highly topical discussion sessions (see below) which will be complementary to the startup presentations.

This year we are particularly fortunate that my old friend and former law partner, Brian Brooks, who just stepped down after an extraordinarily fruitful stint as Acting Comptroller of the Currency, will give a keynote entitled "Are Banks Still Special?" Further, I am very happy to announce that my old friend Henny Sender, who for many years was one of the most prominent financial reporters at the FT and has recently joined Blackrock, will speak on "Can Fintechs Disrupt the Dollar?". And my friend Stephen Scott will interview Jim Freis, the former CEO of Wirecard, on the subject of "Uncovering Fraud in a Global Fintech—Lessons Learned from Wirecard".

Our regular attendees know that we started with an intimate invitation-only workshop at my mountain retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains. But of course this year since we will be virtual we have decided to take full advantage of the format -- Bonny Doon will have to wait. We aim to be accessible to participants from the all over the world, and we offer reduced rates for attendees calling in for half a day. Sessions will be videotaped and made available to participants after the Workshop. Our registration fees are so modest that you will not feel bad about choosing to attend only a portion of the program.

We do not operate on a "pay to play" model, we just invite the best startups and speakers we can find. So you can be assured our panels will be focused on content, not marketing. (Of course our startups will be pitching themselves hard . . .)

We intend to facilitate communications and networking between attendees. To that end, about a week prior to the Workshop we will be setting up a Slack channel for registered attendees to join, so they can contact others for discussions, calls and follow ups. Also, during the breaks we will be offering the use of Gather, a virtual networking platform, so you can walk around a virtual reception room and have video meetings with people you come close to. 

Please tell your friends about us. We want a big turnout! Looking forward to seeing you online.


Howard Chao

Managing Director, Doon Insights

Keynotes and Fireside Chats

Keynote Address: Are Banks Still Special?

 Brian Brooks, Former Acting Comptroller of the Currency

Fireside Chat: Can Fintechs Disrupt the Dollar? 

Henny Sender, Managing Director, Blackrock, with

Howard Chao, Doon Insights

Fireside Chat: Uncovering Fraud in a Global Fintech—Lessons Learned from Wirecard

Jim Freisformer CEO of Wirecard, with

Stephen ScottStarling Trust Sciences

Is Embedded Finance the Future of Financial Services?

  • Adam Shapiro, Klaros Group (Moderator)
  • Mary Dent, DCIQ
  • Ryan Falvey, Finventures Studio
  • Eric Sprink, Coastal Community Bank

API Infrastructure: Building Fintech Products Today

  • Amias Gerety, QED Investors (moderator)
  • Chris Dean, Treasury Prime
  • Leandra Fishman, Intercom
  • Rija Javed, Facebook
  • Ayo Omojola, Carbon Health 

The State of InsureTech

  • Charles Svirk, Mass Mutual Ventures (Moderator)
  • Chris Ewing, One Inc
  • Sean Harper, Kin Insurance
  • Snejina Zacharia, Insurify

Regulatory Trends: Charting the Path Forward for Fintech

  • Alex Acree, Takoma Group (Moderator)
  • Amy Friend, FS Vector LLC
  • Andrea Mitchell, Mitchell Sandler LLC
  • Troy Paredes, Paredes Strategies LLC
  • Eric Sibbitt, O'Melveny

The State of Fintech in Asia

  • Henny Sender, Blackrock (Moderator)
  • Hero Choudhary, BEENEXT
  • Melissa Frakman, Emphasis Ventures
  • Cindy Gong, Jeneration Capital

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