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ADHD impacts so much more than school. It can disrupt relationship, careers and lives.

In this fireside chat, our panel will explore:

  • What is ADHD ?
  • How it can disrupt our lives ?
  • Why it is often misunderstood ?
  • Do children with ADHD eventually outgrow it?
  • Do adults continue to show significant symptoms of the condition?
  • And most importantly... How we can thrive with ADHD ?

We have invited a panel of young adults with ADHD to help us understand what it is like growing up with ADHD. And our hope is that through this event, those with ADHD will know that they are not alone. And for the rest of us, we will look past the problems and embrace our ADHD family and friends.

Our vision is for an inclusive society where those with ADHD are accepted and embraced. And if we can achieve this, we will all benefit from the talents and gifts that often comes with ADHD.

So join us on 6 Nov and help make our vision a reality.

This event is jointly organized by the Society for the Promotion of ADHD Research and Knowledge (SPARK) and Asia Institute of Mentoring (AIM).

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