Health Tech Awards 2024 is an annual celebration of innovation and excellence in the dynamic field of health tech. 

As part of the 2nd Edition of the VOH Health Tech Summit, the Health Tech Awards celebrate the visionaries and trailblazers driving transformative change in India's healthcare ecosystem. Join us at this prestigious event as we honor groundbreaking digital health initiatives, transformative technologies, and visionary startups driving positive change. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation shaping the future of healthcare.


Dates To Remember

Organization Categories

Individual Categories

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees must have a running unit in India during the review period (1st April 2024– 5th July 2024) to be eligible for nomination.

Nomination Process

Nomination Review Process

Stage I: Jury Evaluation

Formation of Expert Jury: A panel of esteemed experts from various regions across the country will be carefully selected. Each member of the jury will possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of diagnostics research, and innovation.

Assignment of Entries: The entries received for each award category will be distributed among the jury members based on their areas of expertise. This ensures that each entry is evaluated by experts who have a deep understanding of the specific category's criteria.

Evaluation Criteria: Clear and specific evaluation criteria will be provided for each award category. These criteria will align with the objectives and goals of the awards, emphasizing the key qualities and contributions that are being recognized.

Scoring Process: Jury members will individually evaluate and rate each entry against the criteria specified for their assigned category. They will provide detailed assessments of how well each entry aligns with the criteria.

Stage II: Calculation of Final Scores

Tallying Scores: After all the entries have been evaluated by the respective jury members, the scores will be tallied for each entry. This involves adding up the individual scores provided by each juror.

Percentage Score: To normalize the scores and ensure fair comparison across different categories, a percentage score will be calculated for each entry. This percentage score reflects how well an entry performed in relation to the maximum possible score in its category.

Unanimous Decision: To determine the award winner in each category, the jury will engage in deliberations. They will consider the percentage scores and engage in discussions to reach a unanimous decision. This process ensures that the winner is selected based on a consensus among the experts.

Announcement: Once a unanimous decision has been reached, the winners will be announced at the Health Tech Awards 2024 ceremony, as part of the Health Tech Summit & Awards 2024.


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  • ₹5,000

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