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Join us on Tuesday, March 8, for an interactive workshop presented by Boris Groysberg, the Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

Companies need talent to drive their strategies forward-to innovate, to adapt, and to execute flawlessly. But whether you are seeking a key executive, several portfolio managers or a dozen engineers, how can you find the talent you need?

HBS Professor Boris Groysberg draws on his latest research to discuss best practices for hiring and growing top-performing employees. He shows how leaders who take a more balanced approach to human capital management and nurture talent from within can create more resilient, successful organizations.

In this session, we will examine strategies for taking ourselves, our teams, and our organizations to the next level by strategically managing talent and the latest thinking about becoming a star.

Date: March 8, 2022

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM (GMT+8) SG/HK time

**limited seat**

We have room for just a few more participants.

Please register if you are interested in participating in the workshop with Professor Groysberg.

We will follow up with you by email to confirm your attendance.

We regret that capacity is limited, and we may not accommodate everyone.

Recommended For:

CEOs, MDs, Chief Of Staff, HR Decision Makers, Talent Management Leaders, Hiring Leaders, Business Owners, Business Leaders, Training & Development Leaders.


  • Boris Groysberg (Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School)

    Boris Groysberg

    Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

    Boris Groysberg is a bestselling author and professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School.
    He has won numerous awards for his research on the challenges of managing human capital and engaging employees to sustain competitive strategic advantage.

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