The workplace has become more unstable & competitive, the pace of change in social & economic dynamics seem to be getting faster and technology adds opportunities (& pressure) in our future planning. This adds an immense pressure for individuals as they try to navigate this matrix of dynamics, sometimes with limited support from family, friends and employers.

This workshop uses practical case studies to comprehensively cover three main areas that need constant rebalancing for someone to achieve a certain state of harmony in life (generally) and specifically at work; these three elements are:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships

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Workshop outline

Self-understanding & self-awareness
Understanding our limitations, and how to (responsibly) extend them further
Why timing is at the centre of harmonious life?
How do we maintain healthy relationships with family members, friends & our colleagues?
How being an employee is affected by technology?
How to effectively invest in our work/business, in education & in our net-worth?
How do we maintain our health regarding our body, our spirit and our soul?
How do we achieve harmony regarding our health, finances & relationships?


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