Kenya Green Building Society

The KGBS is an independent, non-profit, non-political, member-based organization formed to lead the transformation of the built environment in Kenya toward environmentally sustainable buildings, promoting a healthy and efficient built environment.

Our mission is to advocate, educate and certify green buildings in Kenya to achieve an environmentally, socially, and economically progressive built environment.

The vision of KGBS is to transform the construction industry and built environment to a sustainable future, promoting a healthy and sustainable environment for the nation. Kenyans spend 90% of their time in buildings and use the built environment to travel from one
building to another daily. Buildings and construction, together account for 36% of global final energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when upstream power generation is included. Thus, green buildings can set the world on a trajectory to meet the global climate ambitions set forth in the Paris Agreement.

Building green is an urgent response to climate action, health and well being, and resource circularity.

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This invitation specifically intended to position the AEPEA as Leaders in championing for Sustainability as well as help their members better understand the EDGE rating tool and how it can be used in the design of sustainable housing.


Amrish Shah (Board Treasurer at Kenya Green Building Society)

Amrish Shah

Board Treasurer at Kenya Green Building Society

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