At this video storytelling series, your NGO team will:

  • Realize the importance of video storytelling in the digital world
  • Understand the components of a communication strategy
  • Learn how to plan and tell an effective and powerful story
  • Produce an impactful short video and distribute
  • Get help from our skill-based corporate volunteers to bounce ideas and obtain new perspectives
  • Get a chance to win a video production service on your NGO's story


  • A tax-exempt entity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong
  • NGO main beneficiaries being Hong Kong permanent residents

Priority will be given to the NGOs who are:

  • able to form a team of 3 members
  • able to commit to all key activities 
  • new to ENGAGE digital exploration program


At this video storytelling series, you will:

  • Help NGOs identify their unique selling point
  • Help NGOs amplify their social impact via video storytelling
  • Share your insight, and creativity with like-minded professionals who are passionate about social causes
  • Help NGOs to win HKD 60k professional video production prize


  • 3+ years of work experience, especially if you have a sales, marketing or communication background


For any enquiries, please contact Vivian Tsoi at or at 3441-8001.