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Companies are looking to streamline and improve their supply chains, but are also under pressure to manage supply chain disruptions and meet corporate social responsibility requirements associated with their supply chains. All of this has only been heightened by COVID-19 and lately by the Suez Canal debacle.

Today, disruption is the new normal, and it is affecting supply chains more frequently. The magnitude and frequency of this disruption have been escalating, partly due to the globalisation of supply chains, and new risks presented by geopolitical and climate change issues.

Co-organising this event with the Supply Chain Employees' Union (SCEU) of NTUC, we have brought together several industry professionals to discuss and explore the impact of the ongoing disruptions in various supply chains and how companies can be better prepared to ensure resilience and success.







Introduction to SCEU

Supply Chain Employees’ Union (SCEU) is an NTUC-affiliated trade union that represents workers of all collars in logistics, supply chain, warehousing, and related industries. We help workers to get a fair deal at work and partner companies to develop meaningful solutions that enhance the training and employability of workers, as well as business performance.






Industry Dialogue - Managing Disruptions & Building Resilience in Supply Chains

Vijay AnandPaul LimJaya Moorthi SINNIAH PILLAIWei Yeong Tiow

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  • Vijay Anand (Vice President, Travel, Transportation & Logistics Industries at IBM)

    Vijay Anand

    Vice President, Travel, Transportation & Logistics Industries at IBM

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  • Paul Lim (Founder/President of Supply Chain Asia Community Ltd)

    Paul Lim

    Founder/President of Supply Chain Asia Community Ltd

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  • Jaya Moorthi SINNIAH PILLAI (GSC EAJ Logistics Vice President at Schneider Electric Asia Pte Ltd)

    Jaya Moorthi SINNIAH PILLAI

    GSC EAJ Logistics Vice President at Schneider Electric Asia Pte Ltd

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  • Wei Yeong Tiow (Executive Director, Procurement of MSD)

    Wei Yeong Tiow

    Executive Director, Procurement of MSD

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