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Whenever your school plans your marketing & admissions budget, this webinar is designed to ensure your budget helps to meet your student population goals!

MAACS Associate Member, Colling Media, has partnered with MAACS to host this webinar to share tips & insights from their experience planning budgets for dozens of schools.

What you can expect to learn from this webinar:

  • What data should you be collecting from admissions, your ad agency, & from ad platforms before & during budgeting?
  • How & where do we apply that data to ensure our budget plan & request to finance is well reasoned & grounded in numbers?
  • What are the most common budgeting mistakes (from an ad agency perspective) that results in missed start & enroll goals?
  • A takeaway Excel template spreadsheet from Colling Media that can be plug and play for simplified budgeting.

Whether you are a school just starting out or have been in operation for a long time, or whether you are a small school or a larger one doing advanced budgeting across multiple campuses, programs, & platforms, this webinar will provide tips and takeaways applicable to all career schools.

Upon registration, we will email you the Zoom link and credentials to participate in this webinar.


  • Doug Campbell (President at Colling Media)

    Doug Campbell

    President at Colling Media


    Doug is an expert in the application of data. Where many stop at getting the spreadsheet, Doug goes one level deeper into "What does this data mean & how do we apply it?" He has extensive experience applying this skill to schools during their budgeting process.

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  • Jayson Shreve (Strategist at Colling Media)

    Jayson Shreve

    Strategist at Colling Media


    Jayson has extensive experience crafting budgets with schools combining multiple sources of data into comprehensive plans. He's had a leading role in multiple AMA Award Winning data models including a 97% accurate predictability model for enrolls.

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