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Mastering Gmail: Beyond the Basics - Session 2: Advanced Email Features

Welcome to a safe space for the pre-tech era digital novice. If someone else signed you up because you didn't know how, you're definitely in the right place! If your job recently let go of people who can't speak tech fluently, this is the right place for sure! If you've gotten by with your basic knowledge up to this point, but now basic doesn't seem to cut it, we're here for you.

Elevate your email game with advanced Gmail features. Learn how to set professional out-of-office responders, manage email forwarding, and craft unique signatures that stand out. This intermediate session is perfect for those familiar with Gmail basics and ready to explore more sophisticated functionalities to enhance their email communication.

As the Tech revolution picks up the pace, you may still be struggling to catch up. Don't get left behind! Catch up and stay up with the Tech Advancement series. No need to take months of college certification courses. Learn all the scalable tips and tricks to the tech you need.

We'll spend time following live demos and tutorials and practicing real application of all learnings, including open forum Q&A where there is no such thing as a dumb question!

Don't forget to also sign up for Session 2: Advanced Email Features, and Session 3: Automations and Integrations.


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