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The ESG Africa Conference is proud to announce the launch of our pilot programme on ESG mentorship. This programme stemmed from conversations about how to help people wanting to enter the ESG space but At the ESG Africa Conference in 2022, as well as in follow up conversations with participants, the idea of having a mentorship programme to help people wanting to enter the ESG space but who are struggling, or are new entrants into the space and need some guidance. Many felt that knowledge and qualifications get you in the door but that if they want to succeed in their careers, they cannot just be knowledgeable, they must also navigate organisational processes, culture, networks and unseen biases and alliances. Mentorship can help to build skills, make smart choices about your career path, raise your profile, navigate the politics and be resilient to failure and grow from successes

Mentors and mentees would be committing to 2-3 on-line sessions where mentees can outline where they are and where they need help, and mentors can provide advice and feedback given to us on what was achieved which would be a short email summary from the mentee. Mentoring sessions will be arranged by mentors and mentees and will only be on-line sessions and all mentors and mentees will be given a document to help guide them through the process as well as sign a brief document to indicate their compliance with the process and rules.

Feedback will be given at the 2023 conference and we are looking forward to some great stories and guidance success stories.

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