Weather and climate extremes such as heat waves, droughts and floods are projected to become more frequent and intense in several regions. There is compelling evidence indicating that changes in climate and its extremes over time influence the living conditions of society and the surrounding environment across the globe. In this talk we present an application of max-stable models to capture the spatio-temporal extremes with dependence. The objective is to analyse the risk of drought caused by extremely high temperatures and deficient rainfall.

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  • Caston Sigauke (Senior Lecturer at University of Venda)

    Caston Sigauke

    Senior Lecturer at University of Venda

    Caston Sigauke holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of the Free State in South Africa and an MSc in Operations Research from the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at the University of Venda in South Africa. He is a member of the: International Statistical Institute, International Institute of Forecasters and South African Statistical Association. He has been a Chartered Statistician since 2013 at the Institute of Certificated and Chartered Statisticians of South Africa (ICCSSA). He was a Board Member of ICCSSA from Jun 2018 to Feb 2020. He is a South African National Research Foundation C3 Rated Researcher. His fields of expertise are time series and statistics of extremes. Caston's research interests are in predictive modelling with applications in energy and environmental systems.

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Spatial Statistics Event | 24 October 2023
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