The 2nd edition of the National Stroke Conclave & Awards 2024 continues its crucial mission in addressing the pressing issue of stroke within the national healthcare landscape. With a focus on "Innovation, Partnership, and Policy" this initiative aims to foster dialogue and action across three key areas.

Firstly, through robust policy discussions, stakeholders convene to advocate for an enabling environment conducive to comprehensive stroke management, encompassing acute treatment, rehabilitation, and long-term care. Secondly, emphasis is placed on the imperative of quality care, urging healthcare organizations to pursue accreditation and embrace standardization to ensure excellence in stroke care delivery.

Lastly, the conclave explores the transformative potential of technology in stroke care, spotlighting advancements in imaging, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to enhance diagnosis, treatment decisions, patient monitoring, and rehabilitation. With collaboration and innovation at its core, the National Stroke Conclave & Awards 2024 strives to drive tangible progress in stroke prevention, treatment, and outcomes across the nation.



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