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Come join us for a discussion on the book, Party of One: The Rise of Xi Jinping and China's Superpower Future, written by Chun Han Wong, one of the most admired reporters covering China today.

Party of One provides a revealing and timely account of Xi Jinping's rise to power, dispelling misconceptions about his leadership and highlighting his centralization of power, cult of personality, and moves towards indefinite rule. Through firsthand reporting and historical analysis, the book explores Xi's impact on China and the world, as he challenges Western influence and promotes China's authoritarian model on the global stage.

Why is this Important for Arizona?

China, the world's second-largest economy, is increasingly seen as an alternative to Western democracy. The country is currently led by one man, Xi Jinping. Understanding his leadership and dispelling myths is crucial to understanding US-China relations and China's future on the world stage.


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