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Venue Location
Venue Location

Tai Hang Tung Recreation Ground

Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR (China)

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Organizer: HKFDF
Contact Person: Admin Staff
Event Details
Event Details

Content 内容:體驗飛盤擲盤方法丶走位丶比賽模式。 Learning the throwing skills, cutting, and games of ultimate

Date 日期: Nov 3,10,17,24

Time 時間: 19:30-21:00

Venue 地點: 大坑東遊樂場 Tai Hang Tung Recreation Ground

Target 對象: 15 years old or above

Fee 費用: $100 / 4 classes

對象:15歲或以上 15 years old or above


Participants are required to complete the 4 days classes. Participants will receive a frisbee upon completion.

Payment is only accepted via credit card. Please contact us if you cannot pay with a credit card.


Elementary Ultimate Training Course 2021 (NOV) (Sold Out)

Date : Nov 3,10,17,24
Time : 19:30-21:00
Venue : Tai Hang Tung

HKD 100