PACDC is currently accepting applications for our 2023 cohort of participants in our Corridor Manager On-Boarding Program. Newer corridor managers (who have been in their positions for around a year or less) are encouraged to apply! During this 6-month program, participants will receive 6 half-day trainings, one-on-one coaching with an experienced economic development professional, and will join in for 2-4 corridor tours exploring real-life examples of corridor management strategies.

Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

This year, PACDC is requiring supervisor involvement in the program as well, through two half-day trainings tailored to supervisors of corridor managers, as well as a one-hour coaching session with Alia Sutton-Bey.

Info Sessions in June will offer more details about the program as well as time for Q&A to help you determine whether your organization/staff may want to apply.

Tentative Dates for 2023 Cohort

  • Friday 6/30 - Participant Applications Due
  • Friday 7/7 - Supervisor Forms Due
  • Friday 7/21 - Corridor Manager Half-day Session 1
  • Friday 8/25 - Corridor Manager Half-day Session 2
  • Friday 9/15 - Supervisor Half-day Session 1
  • Friday 9/22 - Corridor Manager Half-day Session 3
  • Friday 10/13 - Corridor Manager Half-day Session 4
  • Friday 11/3 - Supervisor Half-day Session 2
  • Friday 11/10 - Corridor Manager Half-day Session 5
  • Friday 12/8 - Corridor Manager Half-day Session 6 & CERTIFICATE CEREMONY LUNCHEON


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