• Tony Behrman (Medical Business Adviser & Medicolegal Consultant at MPS South Africa Services (Pty) Ltd)

    Tony Behrman

    Medical Business Adviser & Medicolegal Consultant at MPS South Africa Services (Pty) Ltd


    Sunday, 29 October 2023
    Session 5: 09:00 - 09:45
    TOPIC: Medico-Legal Reports & Expert Witnessing - the Ins and Outs

    Tony has extensive experience in the arena of General Practice, Group Practice, Occupational Health, Managed Care, Medical Business Administration, Medico-legal matters affecting the Medical Profession, and Medical Aid Administration of Managed Care. He won the Discovery Floating trophy for Outstanding Contributions to Managed Care in 2014 and the Medihelp floating trophy for excellence in Managed Care in 2015. Tony is qualified as a DISAC Accredited Mediator in November 2014.

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  • Brad Beira (Medicolegal Advisor at GENOA Underwriting Managers)

    Brad Beira

    Medicolegal Advisor at GENOA Underwriting Managers


    Sunday, 29 October 2023
    Session 6: 11:00 - 11:45
    TOPIC: Advertising Your Medical Practice - What Is and Is Not Acceptable

    Brad is an experienced clinician, corporate executive and medicolegal advisor with 24 years of governance, legal and health risk experience.

    Since 1996 he has been in private practice, headed the international health risk practices for two multi-national risk management brokerages and supported the design and distribution of health risk solutions and supported quality outcomes in healthcare and lectured on health system architecture and medical ethics in South Africa and Internationally.

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  • Brenda Gous (Coding Specialist at SAPPF)

    Brenda Gous

    Coding Specialist at SAPPF


    Saturday, 28 October 2023
    Session 2: 11:45 - 12:30
    TOPIC: RVU's in Clinical Coding

    Saturday, 28 October 2023
    Session 3: 13:30 - 15:30
    TOPIC: Coding Master Class (with Jan Talma)

    Brenda joined the South African Private Practitioners Forum as Senior Coding Specialist in 2018. She has more than twenty years' practical/operational coding experience in local and international coding schemas. SAPPF is a vibrant and growing organisation, committed to support private practitioners in optimising service conditions and improve access to healthcare for more South African residents.
    Brenda's training includes Basic International ICD-10 training (National Centre for Classification in Technology, Brisbane, Australia) and Advanced International ICD-10 training with Eve Jones from the UK.
    In 2013 Brenda was appointed by the Minister of Health to be part of the Ministerial ICD-10 Task Team and to continue as chairperson of the Training Sub-Committee.
    Projects driven by Brenda include the implementation and management of PMBs; clinical validations of PMB claims; the implementation of systems driven processes based on ICD-10; ensuring compliance on the different phases of the ICD-10 at organisation level for reporting to CMS and the management of CPT® contracts based on Medicare coding rules which involved Surgicom members.
    As a member of the SAPPF team, Brenda advises member groups on new code development and implementation as well as coding reviews and forensic enquiries.
    During 2021 and 2022 she has been responsible for a major review of general surgical coding and the introduction of new codes, both of which have required a code-by-code cross walk from CPT to the SAMA codes.

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  • Elsabé Klinck (Managing Director of Elsabé Klinck & Associates)

    Elsabé Klinck

    Managing Director of Elsabé Klinck & Associates


    Saturday, 28 October 2023
    Session 2: 11:00 - 11:45
    TOPIC: Hospital Ownership & Promotion - An Update

    Elsabė Klinck, the Managing Director of Elsabė Klinck & Associates, specialises in health law, -policy and -ethics. She holds degrees in law, German and applied psychology.

    Elsabė has worked in the health sector since 2001:
    • first at the SA Medical Association as legal advisor;
    • at the Foundation for Professional Development as Director of Compliance and Consulting;
    • in the pharmaceutical sector at a trade association;
    • and at a prominent healthcare consultancy.

    Prior to her health sector involvement, Elsabė was a senior lecturer in the Department of Constitutional Law at the Free State University, where she worked for 8 years.

    She now owns a successful healthcare consulting firm (Elsabė Klinck & Associates), serving clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare professional and health facility markets all over South Africa.

    Elsabė has published- and spoken widely on topics relating to constitutional law, human rights, health law, ethics and social security. She is co-author of, amongst others, the books Employment Equity Law and International Human Rights Standards and has published chapters in Social Security Law. She has undertaken research for, amongst others, the Taylor Committee of Enquiry into Social Security and the SA Business Coalition on HIV & Aids.

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  • Mardi Roos (Director of HealthMan)

    Mardi Roos

    Director of HealthMan


    Sunday, 29 October 2023
    Session 6: 11:45 - 12:30
    TOPIC: Forensic Reviews & Outcomes in Ophthalmology in 2023

    Mardi Roos has been a Director of Health Management & Networking Services (Pty) Ltd ("HealthMan") since 2013. She joined the HealthMan team in 2005 and has 28 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. She has a BA Honours in Psychology obtained from the University of the Free State.

    HealthMan was established in 1996 and was the first company to establish management groups for specialist and other healthcare practitioner groupings. To date it is the only company specialising in this field. Whilst the focus is on the healthcare professional, HealthMan has the opportunity to deal with all healthcare funders and administrators in order to co-ordinate the delivery of healthcare services and interaction with healthcare professionals.

    Mardi consults to various medical specialist groups on setting up and managing network companies. Her responsibilities include: network support, marketing of services to health professionals, engagement with funders, coding reviews, management of medical scheme preferred provider agreements, practice cost study support, congresses, road show events, sponsorships, communication to members, practice management support, etc.

    She also has a special interest in forensic audits and claims reviews. Over the last ten years, she assisted members of the various disciplines in this regard. To date HealthMan has supported healthcare professionals in more than 600 forensic investigations from various medical schemes and administrators.

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  • Johann Serfontein (Executive Chairman at Ophthalmic Risk Management)

    Johann Serfontein

    Executive Chairman at Ophthalmic Risk Management

    Sunday, 29 October 2023
    Session 5: 09:45 - 10:30

    TOPIC: New Zealand vs South Africa: The Clash of Healthcare Systems

    Board Chairman, Operations Manager, Healthcare Consultant and Author

    Operations Manager Surgical Services Urology and Ophthalmology at Te Whatu Ora Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley
    Executive Chairman of the Board (ORM)
    Consultant to the Ophthalmology Management Group (OMG)
    External Moderator at University of Stellenbosch Business School

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  • Jan Talma (Ophthtalmologist at Ophthalmology Management Group)

    Jan Talma

    Ophthtalmologist at Ophthalmology Management Group


    Saturday, 28 October 2023
    Session 3: 13:30 - 15:30
    TOPIC: Coding Master Class (with Brenda Gous)

    Ophthalmologist at the Pretoria Eye Institute

    Dr. Jan Talma is a distinguished ophthalmologist based in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. Born on February 13, 1952, he has had a prolific career in the healthcare field, specializing in ophthalmology. He completed his medical degree (MB Ch B) at the University of Pretoria in 1975 and later pursued a Master of Medicine (M Med) in Ophthalmology, also at the University of Pretoria, graduating in 1988. He is currently in private Practice at The Pretoria Eye Institute assisted by one colleague.

    He is also a Fellow of the World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences and a member of the International Intraocular Implant Club (IIIC).

    With a focus on ophthalmology, Dr. Jan Talma has held several prominent positions in the field. He has served as the president of the Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA) and the South African Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery (SASCRS). Dr. Talma is also a founding member and director of the South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF), the Ophthalmology Management Group (OMG), and the Right to Sight Trust, a charity organization delivering eye care to those in need, and the Pretoria Eye Institute RSA largest Eye Hospital. He served at SAMA on the Private Practice Committee (PPC Chairman), BOD and Health Policy Committee for years.

    Dr. Talma has received numerous accolades for his exceptional contributions to ophthalmology and healthcare. Notably, he was awarded the prestigious D J Wood Lecture Award by the Ophthalmological Society of South Africa in 2000, the highest honor bestowed upon an ophthalmologist in the country and several others like RP Foundation, Heidelberg Chamber of Business.

    As an active ophthalmologist, Dr. Talma has been involved in various research projects, including studies on orbital implants and clinical drug trials. He is a sought-after lecturer and has spoken at numerous local and international conferences, sharing his expertise on ophthalmology, medical politics, ethics, and medical economics.

    Throughout his career, Dr. Jan Talma's dedication to advancing ophthalmology and his commitment to community involvement have made him a prominent figure in the healthcare landscape of South Africa and beyond.

    Dr. Talma is not only active in his medical profession but also heavily involved in various other areas. He is an avid scuba diver and underwater medicine instructor, having dived at numerous locations worldwide. As an active mountaineer, he has conquered peaks in Africa, the Himalayas, and the Alps. Additionally, he has been engaged in various business entities and holds positions within them.

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  • Casper Venter (Managing Director of HealthMan)

    Casper Venter

    Managing Director of HealthMan


    Saturday, 28 October 2023
    Session 1: 09:10 - 09:45
    TOPIC: Regulatory & Policy Update in Private Health

    Casper has worked in the healthcare industry for the last 30 years. He was responsible for setting up and managing the Ernst & Young Medical Practice Management Group 1988-1996. In 1995 he was appointed to head the Ernst & Young National Healthcare Consulting Group. His responsibilities included international liaison.

    With the introduction of managed care to South Africa, an opportunity was identified in the structuring and management of medical specialist and other provider network companies.

    HealthMan was established in 1996 and was the first company to establish such specialist and other healthcare practitioner groupings and to date is the only company specialising in this field.

    Whilst the focus is on the healthcare professional, HealthMan has the opportunity to deal with all healthcare funders and administrators in order to co-ordinate delivery of healthcare services.

    He also lectures on the topics of managed healthcare, provider networks, the dynamics of healthcare and regulatory reforms.

    He has had 8 years’ experience at managing capitation contracts. He has also acted as expert witness on healthcare in more than 20 high court matters.

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  • André van Niekerk (Chief Financial Officer at Xpedient Medical)

    André van Niekerk

    Chief Financial Officer at Xpedient Medical


    Saturday, 28 October 2023
    Session 1: 09:45 - 10:30
    TOPIC: Locums & Assistants in the Private Practice - Considerations

    André van Niekerk, born and raised in Stellenbosch, is a distinguished alumnus of Stellenbosch University with a B.Comm Law degree. Further enhancing his credentials, he added an Honours in Accounting from UNISA and is a certified chartered accountant. He also proudly holds an Executive MBA from the University of Cambridge.

    André boasts over two decades of experience in diverse finance roles, having contributed significantly to large multinationals worldwide and made a notable impact in South Africa in recent years.

    Since joining Xpedient Medical in 2016 as CFO, he has been instrumental in steering the company towards growth and success, showcasing expertise in areas like tax planning, corporate strategy, and governance.

    Beyond the boardroom, André's passion lies in sports, notably mountain biking, triathlons, cricket, and rugby.

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