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Contact Person: Rochelle Sarmiento - Latam
Event Details
Event Details

Supply Chain activities must be a collaborative effort for it is not the responsibility of one person or one company alone. Multiple people need to be actively involved in several processes to make it work.

This course introduces participants to fundamental concepts in demand forecasting and planning and its role in the company. Attendees will be taught and coached on how to use techniques in forecasting ideally with the participant's company data for it to become a direct application.


- Identify improvement opportunities in demand forecasting processes to mitigate risks in customer fill rates and inventory exposure.

- Learn different methods on doing demand forecasting.

- Develop knowledge, capability and expertise in supply chain planning.

Course outline:

- Demand Planning Fundamentals

- Understanding Forecasting

- Key Concept of Demand Forecasting

- Demand Planning Process

- Measure of Forecast Quality

- Forecast Management and Model Review

- New Products Forecasting

- Demand Planning Process Outputs

Online training consists of 4 hour session per day for 2 days via ZOOM.

Day 1. 8:30 AM- 12:30PM

Day 2. 8:30 AM- 12:30PM

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Sponsors and Partners

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